On an Exciting Opportunity

Summer is upon us, and with that a trinity of tax bills, medical bills, and summer camp bills for my wonderful little girl. (Here she is drawing a Pizza Monster)

So we are having a very big sale.

We are also going to be running daily specials every day! You can save money, get great gaming products, and help out an artist! Oh baby a triple

Today! For the first time since its publication in 2013:
The bestselling "On the Non-Player Character" is on sale

The normal paperback price is 29.99, and .pdf price of 19.99. Five years after release, the print price was dropped to 19.99, and the .pdf price was dropped to 9.99$. After today at the stroke of somewhere near midnight, it'll return to its standard price. This is the first time I've ever cut the price on this book in a sale. I use it for every game I ever run. It is always by my side. 

What is it?

I've uncovered a hidden social combat system within Dungeons & Dragons since the beginning.

I've navigated a method of resolving social situations via player skill, rather than by personal social skill or by character skill. This is a mechanical solution to provide objectivity for social interactions and relies on your ability to gather information and make intelligent choices (i.e. player skill) for success.

That's not even the majority of the book. There's also useful tables and systems for generating memorable and immediately gameable long term non-player characters. I worked very hard to insure that you would never get a result and think "How am I going to get that to come up during a game?!"

It works seamlessly with whatever version of the classic game you are playing (including 5th edition!) . It doesn't require anything from your players other than what they do now. They continue to interact with the game world as they always have, but you simply have an objective, impartial method of resolving their actions. This means it eliminates Dungeon Master mind reading, "Mother may I?" play, and pixel bitching.

Players don't need to master any new skills - the player skills they have will work just fine. There's no chance for anyone to have a game-breaking diplomancer, but now an 18 Charisma can actually be useful in concrete specific ways, as much as an 18 Strength can be.

This sale will end tonight at 12pm, and a new exciting special will be announced tomorrow! We'll have a different special every day this week!

Yeah, guys, that's my pitch. Things are going well, we are going to be stable. But we need a little help to get there. I'm not the 'gofundme' kind of guy, but here's an opportunity to help and get something in return. If you'd like to help directly, you are welcome to send money to me directly via Paypal. Also, you know everything I self-publish is available for free via Patreon, (usually with special bonus content—I literally create and layout two files so that Patreons can get value out of their priceless support. For example the digital copy of S1: Henchmen has an entire extra unreleased illustration of a henchman) so you can keep up with me there if you like. 

Oh, and in case anyone feels like "I'm just selling my stuff", well, that's my job, AND, I have a bunch of stuff coming later this week. I don't usually talk about "what I'm gonna do" but I've already done it. We've got more henchmen coming (with a demi-human focus) a city map from Perdition, we will be playing Perdition on-line Tuesday night at 5pm CST, on Twitch, AND we've got some articles on dungeon stocking, dead bodies, and more coming later this week. Oh, and Megadungeon #4 is in layout, so we should be seeing that very very soon.

Thanks everyone for the support.

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