On how to Level UP

Do you have questions?

Check out Level up! A book of fantasy gaming lists in .pdf and print.

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It's a book of lists! But more than that—it's a way to bend your mind in more creative ways.
What are the top types of magical currency? Why do wizards live in towers? What exactly is wrong down at the brewery? What are all the different types of secret doors?

So, fun and useful for you. But invaluable for the young or curious about Dungeons and Dragons. What were the top news stories from Dungeons and Dragons history? Whatever happened to the fourth edition virtual tabletop? What are all the different versions of Dungeons and Dragons? Through humor and page after page of classic fantasy style illustrations, it helps those who don't know a lot about Dungeons and Dragons feel less anxious and more comfortable.

In other news, I talk a little about my latest release with Matt Finch! But the important part is there in the thumbnail. Check it out for a fun interview.

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  1. What a delightful interview. I am glad to hear that you have found alignment in your life. You remind me a bit of George R. R. Martin, in a good way.


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