On Hexploration, a closer look

It's been out for a while, I figured I'd talk about what's inside.

This is an screen resolution example of a hex from the Hexplore series.

My games are about the players exploring. What are they exploring? Well, you're looking at it. This is the environment that contains the adventure sites.

This whole idea was about this small bit of text from the Dungeon Master's Guide.
You give him a map of the hex where the location is and of the six surrounding hexes. The player character and his henchmen and various retainers must now go to the construction site, explore and map it, and have construction commence.”- 1st Edition Dungeon Masters Guide, Gygax © 1979
The abandoned fort
That's how it went. The players left the dungeon, and Gygax abstracted out the hex exploration. But the thought of an overworld, that you explore for juicy pockets of treasure? Man, it's that feeling I love. So, I've been trying to do it with hexes like these. Part of reaching some new place is the novelty right? People love novelty.

So when they reach the fort, you can show them something like the illustration to the left.

This method of doing and using these hexes is exciting.

My eventual plan is to do a cluster of 7 hexes, of each terrain type. I think it's novel, and works really well with the method of play that's becoming increasingly common, online. Patrons get access to high definition copies of the images to be used in online play (as well as free copies of the work itself). But if you're not a Patron, you could still pick up a copy and take your group through a series of dungeons like these:

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Every one of the pages in the .pdf is filled with art rich content like shown. Characters are detailed, situations and treasure are listed, mechanical specifics are left to the Dungeon Master to fill in, based on his or her chosen game.

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