On the Hexporation

I've recently finished and published Hexplore: Borderlands, Raven Tower, Mill, and Abandoned Outpost!

You can get it here from DriveThruRPG.

It's the second borderland hex I've drawn, and it's a six-mile hex  with a raven tower in a mysterious forest, a bottomless pit, a haunted abandoned military outpost, a garden tended by spiders, a tomb for a powerful evil book, and the lair of an arrogant druid and his strange retinue. The document contains maps and encounters with space for your settings name and statistics. Four landmarks, three lairs, and four adventure sites, all for just a few dollars! This helps you make your game exciting in a new way!

 You can check out all the illustrations inside, in the free preview, but it's only $4.99 and you're ready with weeks worth of content when your players wander off in a random direction.

Here's a small .jpg of the hex covered in this Hexplore. The other image is an example of the illustrations contained within.

The other fun thing about this, is that I actually get to make the hex. You can see it right on the cover. See? It's the actual hex! Compare it to the map above!

I really like doing these and I hope you like them too! If you'd like to get them for free, along with 600 .dpi files for use with virtual table tops like roll20, they are all on my Patreon!

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  1. 2 versions on Drivethru, one is 16 pages and uploaded last summer, the other 18 and new. $1 difference in price. You might want to look into that.

    1. They are two different products! One covers the raven tower, the other one covers the volcano!
      Enjoy them both!

  2. They are 2 separate products. While they are both called Hexplore: Borderlands, they cover different hexes. I found that confusing too. You can tell the difference if you look them over. I would recommend either numbering them or including at least the first location in the title.

  3. I like my hexes the "wrong way", and I appreciate how the 3-D look can help me run magnetic north from corner to corner.


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