On the Top 10 Crypts

The top ten styles of crypts for your adventurer to rob. Make it like a Turduken, and put different crypt types within each other like Matrioskha dolls.

A corpse is totes inconvenient. I mean, it's not a person, it has no use, and yet it is pretty important right? What do you do with all those corpses?

10 Cairn. Well, I guess if we drag it over there and cover it with rocks that will be good. Plus when you carry the rocks, you can get rid of all the feelings, because you're carrying heavy rocks. But you know, you deserve to be exhausted. After all, you're still alive.

9. Chamber Cairn. After a while you are probably preeety good at moving rocks. The next step is to cover the room the dead person is in with rocks. You can still visit this way. And yet. . .

8. Dolems, because even the dead don't like the rain. It's a separate chamber, kind-of. Merges right with the entrances, usually through a slight change or alteration of elevation.

7. Cist, A hole with stone walls, or a stone coffin set in the ground. Bones lie exposed to the weather or covered in the cist.

6. Tumulus, earth covers the dead in this burial mound, piled high over wherever the dead are stored. Frequently, large areas may be covered in some number of these, creating hills of the dead.

5. Olerdolana, when the grave is carved from stone, covered, holy resting places of the dead. Easily and frequently looted.

4. Sepulchres, cut deep into the mountain, forming rooms and chambers, where christians have lain their dead in ancient times, such chambers may run quite deep.

3. Catacombs, tunnels and chambers running for miles, where the dead are stored. Subterranean, an urban solution for an urban problem. What mysteries or secrets do these chambers of the deads hold? Tombs, Sarcophagi, and more can be found within their twisting passageways.

2. Crypts, a stone chamber that lies beneath the ground, where the dead are interned, vaulted for strength, and frequently near churches, though the church claims it doesn't use such work for necromancy, still the dead rise, no?

1. The Mausoleum, a building, a home for the dead above the earth, secrets of lost lineages can lie within.

Now that you've seen each of these types of tomb, it should help you be able to describe and reference your knowledge during play.

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  1. Nice looking crypts. But remember: location location location! lol

  2. Excellent. Thanks Courtney. Well done.

  3. Good job on the artwork. Well done!

  4. Have you ever seen the crypts under Paris? Apparently they are so extensive that there is no single map of the whole thing. It’s a megadungeon of undead!


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