The King is Dead; LONG LIVE THE KING!

Friends! Companions! Compatriarts, adversaries, and villains!

Google Plus is Dead!

In ten months, the field we have sown blood and tears on; the field upon which an empire of creativity was wrought; a field many left in disgust, will be closed and destroyed after the passing of next summer!

This is no hoax.

Listen friends; gather round and be joyful, for this passing of ages.

When we began this great work, no one played Dungeons & Dragons seriously online. Now every thursday hundreds of thousands of people tune into watch people play D&D.  When this began, the only official play was 4e, with builds and squares, dissociated mechanics, a dying playerbase.

Now is a golden age that I am lucky to see, and perhaps may not come again in my time. But whatever we all set out to do, even those who were stranger, opponent, friend, or foe; We did it.

OSR is at the forefront of industry awards, and Dungeons and Dragons, the new edition that explicitly empowers Dungeon Masters in the classic style, is more popular now then it was during its height of popularity in the early 80's.

The future will bring new life to gaming, and it is not all bad. Dark forces, corrupt and nefarious emotions, and bigoted, racist, and sexist individuals drove people from that land, over and over again. Google Plus dying means we have a chance to start over, to start again and perhaps build something even greater. Something better, safer, more egalitarian.

Let me say to everyone, It will be ok! Discord, twitch, reddit, forums—One thousand flowers will bloom in the soil the OSR carried and laid.

We will be here, no matter what dreams may come. Life is change. I am excited to see what happens next!

Fair journey friends, I wish you well!

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  1. By all means, come by the OSR group on MeWe.

  2. What do you mean Google+ is dead? Is it being shut down? Or have most of the OSR just moved to some other place.

    1. Google+ is being officially "sunsetted" by google. At some point in the near future, G+ links will take you to that 404 page with the broken robot.

  3. Amazing... The future is indeed NOW!


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