On Megadungeon #3

Finally, after two months of dealing with the horrible RPGnow print on demand, I present:

Megadungeon #3 in print and .pdf!

What is Megadungeon #3?

  • The classic old school renaissance megadungeon Numenhalla, the god halls! getting into print, one area at a time. 
  • This 58 page issue delves into the ancient Crypts of Hierax, crawling with the ancient dead.
  • Art from noted gaming luminaries, Luka Rejec (Cover), with the super-art wonder-powers of Todd Mcgowan, Ian Chagan, Sean McCoy, Evlyn Monroe, and Kent Miller! This baby can fit so many illustrations in it!
  • Writing by noted gamer Chris H. chronicling the wild days of the early gaming revolution, talking about Jason K's Dust setting!
  • The Cannite dungeon faction is introduced. Religious jackal-man anthropophages, they gain the memories of the dead by eating their corpses. 
  • Three new monsters, including Devil Dogs who are two-headed bipedal canine nightmares. They will drink your whisky, piss on your couch, fuck your girlfriend, eat out of your fridge, and then break the door on their way out! 
  • Eight more megadungeon non-player characters and two more dragons for characters to meet, including the sultry Demetria Obra, the betrayed Transikar, and Mavis Hobart, the malign caretakers of the Crypts of Hierax
  • Four megadungeons zones, mapped and keyed: The Organ Mine, The Crystal Wizard Crypt, The Witches Crypt, and the Non-Euclidean Intersections.
  • Articles on Hierax, the enigmatic god of death, interesting crypt looting tables, and secrets to restocking dungeons.
I had a nightmare last night that I ran out of money and I couldn't make it as an independent creator. 

Help vanquish nightmares brave hero! Purchase Megadungeon #3 in Print and .pdf now!
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There won't be a Summer issue of Megadungeon due to the cost to produce them. The next Megadungeon will be released in the fall. If you'd like to prevent this from happening again, support me on Patreon or tip me!

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  1. Very excited to see this next installment :D

  2. I got mine! Its good to see the series is continuing. When I look at the side-map on page 11, I get chills just thinking about what it would be like to try and hold your breathe while navigating the depths of that underwater maze! (I wonder if a particularly enterprising Numenhalla denizen could sell overpriced water breathing potions nearby...)

    If I had one complaint about this series, it would be that the lore of Numenhalla spends a lot of time conveying confusing messages, which would is good for sparking discussion between players, but the GM is just as much in the dark about how, for instance, Tethys can be Hera and Typhoon's mother AND daughter, and seeing as how the first issue explains what the "logos*" is and about how races work in this world, a newcomer (maybe down the road, when you have a dozen or more issues) might feel like they need to buy every issue just in case there was something important in an interim issue that they missed which they need in order to run the content! I get that this is supposed to get the GM thinking creatively about filling those holes, but there's this nagging feeling that somebody who doesn't understand your style might feel overwhelmed.

    *- Actually, reading about how Hierax's altar and its relationship with the logos works differently from Tethys' altar threw my mind back to the first two issues.

    1. Well, there are answers to all of those questions- the lore represents a literal series of events. I hope that will become more clear as the dungeon is expanded and explored.

  3. I run an irregular reviews of fanzines a few times a year. I would be interested to review these.


  4. Still doing these? When is 4 due out. I loved 1-3

    1. I'm currently drawing maps for Megadungeon #4. I did #3, then Hexplore 2, then Eyrie, Then Level up, and now I'm back to megadungeon. :-)
      Digital will be out in April, if all goes well.


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