On Endless War

After admiring Warhammer Fantasy for nearly my whole life, I decided to play one hundred multiplayer matches in the loving rendition Creative Assembly has made of the game. This is that story of a dwarf warrior in the end times. . .

"War has come. My name is Bedun Leatherarm. I fight for clan and glory in the end-times.

This is the tale of my first battle. . . and loss. One of many.

I joined with the Iron Shanks, who talked of 'wheedy elves' that we were going to cut down on the plains of Waldenhof. Two regiments of thunderers with their weapons of iron and fire bolstered confidence among the throng of warriors. We also had a unit of irondrakes and slayers! I had no faith in what those non-traditional dawi would bring.

And the cannons. Beautiful cannons. Immediately effective. We set up on a hill in a simple box formation, the slayers and irondrakes hidden in the trees and just began raining fire upon a wood elf regiment of eternal guard, standing in the open. Our engineer directed the fire to devastating effect.

We could hear the screams from where we stood! 30 dead in one volley. 5 more died in the next. Still, the elves stood, unmoving. What cold hard creatures to send their own to die like that. I drew in my breath, assured of success as I watched our cannons work. 49 died before the elves dained to move.

Arrows from waywatchers hit the shield of the warriors on the left flank first, doing little damage against dwarven wood and steel. Our rangers and firedrakes opened up and the swift elves fled, downing firedrakes with their arrows as they left, their preternatural ability to fire while they ran devastating our troops. Suddenly from the trees behind us, a hidden unit rained arrows at the rear of our thunderers!

Our rangers and firedrakes moved forward taking heavy damage, trying to fire on the enemies front, while warriors moved to the back. Another unit had chased off after some archers and was getting picked apart! I grabbed my axe before I felt the hot spray on my face.

Dragonsbreath! From not one but two dragons! The thunderers panicked and fled. A Glade Lord sat grinning aboard his dragon, casting bolts of energy around the field. Arrows came from every direction as the forest dragon landed and engaged our thane in combat. Where were the slayers?!

Later I would come to find out they had foolishly given chase to faster elves. Chaos reigned as we ran back and forth between target to target, the elves taking to the air and peppering us with armor piercing arrows the entire time.

The dragons, their elven lord astride danced, back and forth, causing chaos among our ranks, until we could stand and fight no more.

And so we turned, and fled. "

Thus ends the first battle of Bedun Leatherarm.
Dwarves Vs. Wood Elves (loss)

Hack & Slash 


  1. Oof. The Slayers got micro'd away from where you put them. I've had something similar happen to me. Wood Elf pros are something else, man.

    1. I mean, I thought they were dwarf warriors with shield, and I sent them after gladeguard? I figured the shields would keep them alive. Once I realized I had sent slayers, there were only a few models left.

      Slayers, for the uninformed, do not have shields. or armor. They do have a 30% deflection chance, but it is just helpful for light fire, not sustained devastation from the archers.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Huh. You know, somebody once said that since the Glade Guard's arrows did magical damage, and Dwarfs have magical resistance, that the Wood Elves, particularly their famed archers were a bad matchup for the Dwarfs. You best bet is go with Spear dancers and Wildwood Rangers and lots of Wild Riders to crunch through all of the armor, he said.

    (I have NO idea which patch that was, however. Also, I still need to get Total Warhammer 2. I have NO confidence in my GPU which can just barely play TWWH 1. Anyway, this magic resistance issue was from 1, not 2, so things could be different there, as well..)


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