On Overloaded Abundance

There is too much.

My daughter wanted music on the way home. Her in her carseat, "MUSIC!" she shouts. Can you imagine still having yet to hear Bowie or Radiohead? Knowing what I know, her excitement seems reasonable. I have music, burned on these tiny silver rings, hours and hours. Flipping through them, I saw "New Music" and thought about how nice I was to myself.

Upon insertion, the verberating tones of "On Call" ring out, I realize the new music I made to listen to is 10 years old. That's not new. What's new? Just how much music have people made in the last decade?

Let me tell you how much.

So much.

This is the world. Even if you are into a hobby, there's so much of so many of everything! This is the future writ large. Worlds unknown. Not metaphysically either. Take, for example, this gentleman, who spent his hours slaying the Dragon of Chaos, by determining through experimentation what the results of 100 Alkamos runs are. The fact that you may not even understand what an Alkamos run is, proves the point. New games and releases used to happen on Tuesday, with 20 or so titles. Now there are 100 new steam releases every day. There are 15,000 Dungeons and Dragons related releases on RPG.now. That database isn't getting smaller.

I mean, this is great. It's the universe endlessly reflecting and iterating on itself. But it can be a little overwhelming.

That's where the robot helpers come in.

I don't store things discreetly anymore.  How does a drive with music on it, or a DVD collection even work in this new world? Now, if I want to listen to music, I go to the music page and I type in the music I like.

Then it knows me, and what people like me like. And it gives me what I want. We are going to have to trust the computer, and that's terrifying*. But it's a lot of work keeping up with what's new. The people I follow on whatever platform, I follow because they are interested in what I am, and they use their time to present their explorations into the unknown. Yet now, the past has become so much larger with so much content because we do more and more each year. Every exponentially larger production of "content" slips into the past, year, after, year, after year. . .

What I'm saying is follow me on twitter (@Hackslashmaster). No. Wait. That's not what I'm saying at all. What I'm saying is that this is awesome?

Yes. This is awesome. And really, that's what this space and time is about. I am a complete person, but that's not really relevant to my hobbies. An issue I've been wrestling with these last few years is how to interact on social media. I am certain I am not the only one.

But the thing is, a knife is a knife and a fork is a fork. I tune into Star Wars for space opera. I like things. Especially when they are flawed. This blog, G+, twitter, facebook, they are about fractions of me. But the parts that are contentious and complicated, those that think deep and politically, those that seek change and desire—there is too much.

So maybe that doesn't go there.

I've been in freefall. I thought it started recently after crises. The insight from the crisis was that I'd always been falling. Terrifying as that is, after all the screaming and nashing of teeth, it's pretty fun. You might as well enjoy the terrifying descent. Those in the past only spent their time with so few ideas, in small communities or from people who wrote books. Now we have a chaotic flood of more everything than anyone, individually, can hope to process.

I'm enjoying the journey. I hope you are too.

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*I mean, clearly we had better be on the guy who's setting up and running the damn computer no?

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