On Megadungeon #2

Announcing the release of Megadungeon #2!!

Print and PDF and combo available!

In this issue, explore the labyrinth of Tethys while hunted by a horrible beast.

Also explore the chains of sorrow and the dark iron horror. New rumors, treasure maps, and quests. Fascinating dragons and NPC's, Numenhalla specific monsters like the Anthropophagi, Ranadin, and Prismatic Octohedrons. A new faction, the Hengeomoth.

Articles by John Bell on Wandering Monsters and Chris H on FLAILSNAILS memories. Prolifically illustrated by Kent Miller, Sean McCoy, and Todd McGowan. Cover art by the brilliant and talented Sam Mameli!

Kill two birds with one stone! Grab the latest in brillant gaming supplements and help me continue to produce great content like this.

Buy it now!

Hack & Slash 

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