On Delving Dragons

It's the lack of imagination that is shocking.

I read a response to my offhand statement about Dragons being memorable horrors in megadungeons and the immediate assumption were that dragons were these immense creatures that would somehow be trapped.

Dragons are the ultimate result on the table. Each one should be a memorable occasion with something unique or bizarre.  Again, megadungeons are just stage backdrop for the drama that comes from the first few encounter rolls. The result determines your scenes for the evening.

A Megadungeon is a threatening realm of the unknown beyond the threshold, where we risk encounters with chaos. Dragons are the purest representation of the threat of that chaos, requiring them to be unknown wildcards. Which is why dragons are so important!

Let's look and see.

Here is Madamagor, a vicious animal-brained monster that stalks prey like a serpent with acid breath.
Or perhaps you prefer Quexgor Salmagar, who will go to great efforts to befriend a party before waiting for an opportune moment to betray them, killing as many as possible for their rich treasures. 
The thing that's interesting being the way these encounters (which are always inimical) strike at fears of not only the characters but the players. An unstoppable monster who feeds on you. Chaos that seeks to seduce you before stabbing you in the back. After a Quexgor betrayal, as the characters stare fixedly at the spreading red stains of blood as their life leaks away; the players will have a real sense of what an encounter with draconic chaos is like.

Anyway. It's fun. A good time. 

Dragons, more than just another regular encounter.

For those of you who don't know, of course there's a ton of content in Megadungeon #1 and #2 that you can use in any game you are currently running, whether that's Numenhalla, another megadungeon, or even a more traditional campaign. Please buy my beautiful work because I like food and having a place to sleep at night. Patreon is another way to provide support! 

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  1. In one campaign I dm'd the party spent 2 sessions fleeing a dragon they found deep in a dungeon and they loved every minute of it.

  2. Just wanted to say I've been following your blog for a few years now and the contents fantastic. Don't let the dragon haters keep you Dow . ;)


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