On the Mountain Coast

After 5 minutes of googling, I've decided I'm the only person in the whole world making art like this!

It's a six mile hex. You put it down in front of your players either by buying a print or using the digital image while gaming online. They then explore the hex, with their characters, as if they were exploring a Richard Scary book!

Make wilderness travel great again!

There's a lot going on. An ancient statue is toppled in front of an abandoned temple. Forests climb mountain peaks. A mysterious stairway descends into a ravine. A mystical pool lies undisturbed in the mountains.

One of my friends who also reads the blog mentioned she didn't know I had a Patreon. It's what all the cool kids are doing now. I've had mine for a long time though. Every little bit helps. I even send out print stuff of what I do at certain subscriber levels.

The above file is .100 dpi, but all patrons have access to the .300 dpi version. It's also available for order as a print for use at the table! I'll continue writing four long form posts a month, but will post one of these landscapes monthly in addition to that. If there's enough support, I'll be able to post more than one a month.

Hang a few adventure sites together and you've got weeks of play.

Hack & Slash 


  1. These are awesome. I've used one of your previous hex drawings many a time. Bravo again.

  2. I love it. I will give you all the money and a bunch of beaten up 3.5 edition books to draw my campaign map for me & _ &

  3. Brilliant. But the sense of scale... should we see the staircase as a hundred feet tall or ten thousand? Or should it be relative to other objects in the map? Or should we use the map as a literal map, as in, here's something drawn by an explorer sitting on a nearby hill, embellished a little because he has no training in cartography... yeah, that's how I'd use it.

    Either way, it's a great visual aid. I'll have to sign up as a contributor now...


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