On the Old Gods (Part I)

The old gods of Perdition were casual and indolent. Their world was peaceful and rich. Countries spread wide, they ruled over a creative people of peace. The only conflict came from leisurely discussions over resplendent feasts before the evenings entertainment.

The world fell quickly. The gods starved of worshipers, vanished. Yet traces remain. If you find the shattered vestige of one of the old gods, they can be called upon as any great being, though their power is just a shadow of what it once was. One may undertake the illegal task of reigniting their worship, and perhaps bring a sliver of light back into the world.

Bonds and Gods

So bonds are convenient ways to track moral, loyalty, and devotion between players and groups. It's very simple. You keep a list of your bonds. When you meet someone you add them to the list. Bonds run from 2 (Stranger) to 12 (Lifemate). At the end of each encounter or session with the bond, you roll 2d6. If it's higher the bond increases by 1.

Each bond level with retainers affects morale. It's a clear objective way to handle player relationships and romance. The really cool thing about bonds is it can divorce worship in a god (and the requisite abilities granted by said god) from character class and level! It's a way of having clerics without having a cleric class.

Several examples of devil patrons (gods) are illustrated by Russ Nicholson in Perdition, and you can look at a beta version of one of them here on my blog.

Today we are going to look at a bond with one of the old gods. Once Perdition was conquered, all access with the higher planes was cut off, as the land became an extension of the hells where devils could travel freely. Thus the only 'good' gods are the old gods, who are weak and stripped of all their power.

Patron Bonds with Old Gods

Devils and other sources of local power siphon away your prestige as your bond with them increases in power. As they grant you more power, your success becomes more attributable to them, granting them an increase in the prestige they take.

The old gods are very weak, and unlike normal patrons siphon 10% * your bond level in prestige. Since there are 12 bond levels, how could you ever earn any prestige at all once your bond got high enough?

Worshipers can be used to feed your patron prestige. For every steel piece that your worshipers generate, it can be used in place of a point of prestige that a patron might siphon. This is true for all patrons, though worship of old gods or demons of any sort is highly illegal, and as your congregation grows, so does the risk.


Old God of Strength, Dreams, and the Hearth
His porcelain skin stretched taut over his muscular frame, Bodando envelops the spirit of community. In a world of entertainments, joys, and passions, he stood against them for something less ephemeral. The satisfaction of community and providing for your own through hard work. He sprang from the look a father gives his children and from the actions of a mother who provides. That satiation of men fed his milky dreaming form, where he stood as languid protector of the hearth and home.

Because he was a god of dreams, he speaks and interacts with his prophets through visions and phantasm only they can see. They interpret his moony will for the community, bringing pleasure and wisdom to their followers. The closeness of the community and home is his strength. He encourages priest to lay with family, mother with father, sister with brother, parent with child.

He appears as a recumbent young muscular man, hairless except for the golden locks and brows on his head. His skin is so white as to be only just agleam. He eschews clothing and exudes a splendid prismatic aura that flows around his form with his breath and thought. His very presence pacifies all living things.

Bodando's herald is a panoply of fleshy writhing forms, constantly moving and shifting in a crude pantomime of intercourse, a literal beast of backs. A torso will extrude, imprisoned in throes of ecstasy, mindlessly thrusting, yearning, reaching.

Wearing clothes inside your home
Sleeping less than twice a day
Eating until you feel full
Using indecent language
Eating creatures of the sea

Sleeping naked in a communal bed with those close to you (+1)
Performing daily calisthenics (+1)
Sleeping for more than 8 hours in a single stretch (+1)
Owning a home (+3)
Living in an owned home as a member of family (+2)
Having members of your family not sleep naked with you (-1)

Bond Levels
2 You gain a +1 on all tests of Physique. This applies to grapples and Physique tests, though not to rolls to hit or damage.
3 You gain access to dream visions. Once per day you can tune into the visions and auger what is to come. You will receive an image or feeling of the outcome of a course of action.
4 Your form becomes infused with languid vitality. Anyone who rests with you naked for a turn after a strenuous event (such as combat) recovers all their hit points and removes one point of stress.
5 Before resting for the night, you may ward an area against intrusion. You set a boundary up to 4" in diameter and decide what will trigger it. Anything that crosses the boundary triggers a mental alarm to all those protected within and two Dreamspites appear to protect the servant. The Dreamspites are not controlled by the servant, but are friendly with him.
6 You gain +2 to your Physique score; and your Physique bonus, regardless of your Physique score, increases by 1.
7 While you sleep at night, you may travel though the Empyreal as a dream. After an hour of rest,  you may leave your body. Your body lies defenseless and without a spirit. You must succeed at a Survival (Empyreal) roll to return to your body with a difficulty equal to the number of hours you have spent outside of it. If your body has been moved in the meantime, the difficulty of the roll is increased.
8 You gain the ability to cause women to ovulate, regardless of their cycle. This can help insure pregnancy.
9 You gain a +2 on all social actions involved or related to sexual seduction.
10 Your physical fitness becomes excellent. The first time each day you become Fatigued, you are immune. If for some reason you become Exhausted, you instead become Fatigued. Further exertion affects you as normal. You may also ignore the first point of stress you acquire during the day. You gain a permanent +1 bonus to your athletics skill.
11 Once a day, you can project an aura from you in an 8" radius. You can cause anyone who fails a mental struggle against you to be overcome with an emotion. Examples include: Tranquility, cease fighting; Courage, have your attack and damage rolls augmented; or Fear, gain the Panicked condition. Any emotion may be stimulated by working out the specifics with your Agonarch.
12 You become infused with renewed youth and vigor. As long as your bond remains at 12 with Bodando, any permanent penalties are eliminated, you are immune to poison and disease, you appear to be in your physical prime and you cease aging. You also become permanently aroused.

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