On Hell Unleashed

Perdition is out.

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Perdition is a third-wave clone about a prime material plane already conquered by hell. It's rules that allow you to explore a setting. There's no pages of fiction here. The .pdf is hyperlinked to the Table of Contents and Index. The hardcovers have bonus content.

Writing is by Courtney Campbell and Arnold Kemp.

Cover and interior art by Matthew Adams.

Other interior art by Heather Gwinn, Russ Nicholson, Marcin S., and Michael Ralston.

Editing is by Chris Hales, Sándor Gebei, and Courtney Campbell.

None of this book is a rehash of stuff you already have. You won't find leather armor, dwarves as a race, or fighter as a class.

What's Inside:

  • 7 new races like the Bogill or Red Trolls
  • 12 classes like the Shroud, Mystic, and Inheritor
  • 14 pages covering all the rules of the game
  • 20 pages covering encounters, combat, and criticals
  • 12 pages covering fiend summoning, possession, demonic contracts, and the vile conclave
  • Equipment lists you've never seen before. Use flamethrowers, hurlbats, parashus, and mercy-givers to kill your enemies. Wear silk armor, linothorax, or four-mirror armor to protect yourself. Strap on a cave helmet or plague mask to give yourself a bonus. Acquire talismans to protect yourself or brand yourself with mystical sigils from higher powers as a shield. Light the way with a fettered fire fairy or an arclight. Acquire useful hirelings like the Alienist, Horn Pig or Phonologist
  • Magic, including spell surges, 8 schools of magic, psionic abilities, 4 elemental paths, shapechanging, animal companions, mutations, and sorcerous summons
  • Monsters, including guidelines for Titanic Agonicmorphs, giant creatures the size of cities, demonic invasions, and 6 fiendish patrons for characters to serve
  • Guidelines for the Agonarch (Game Master) including treasure, magic items, campaign design, handling wickedness and tables to help you generate demons and devils
  • The hardcover contains bonus content and illustrations, including an illustration of the animals of perdition, from the strange troon, the giant quispquip, or the dark hearted cassowary, guidelines and advice for running the game, and conversion advice
Ok, that's the pitch. 

I've been a little bit busy with this lately. It's 100,000 words and 328 pages. I'm just one dude. I have some more blog posts lined up this week, as well as more exciting news about Perdition. The hardcovers are currently on-sale from their full price. Also, On the Non-Player Character is on sale for half price, because of how well it goes with Perdition. 

This wasn't a kickstarter. Everyone who worked on the project got paid a reasonable rate and promptly (feel free to ask them). I've had some crazy setbacks and personal issues this year, so if it had been a Kickstarter, I shudder to think about the mental space that would have put me in. In spite of my personal stress, I kept working on Perdition because I really wanted it. I wrote it for me. If it had been something I had to do, it might not have gotten finished. (This is not a slam on Kickstarters, I've had a lot of success backing them. It doesn't fit my personal style though. I'd rather do the work and then sell the product, rather than the other way around).

The art is in this book is just fantastic by the by. I'm simply honored to have their work gracing the words of Arnold and Myself. 

For those with some experience printing and laying out books, the final text was done nearly 6 months ago. Editing and formatting for .pdf, softcover A5, and hardcover 6"x9" took the rest of the time. It took nearly 3 full workdays to get the final copies error-checked and uploaded to lulu/RPGnow, and I'm still waiting on their softcover approval. This is also why the pay what you want basic rules are not complete. They will be out shortly. 

I am preeeeeeeeety certain that all of the files should print into books that look as nice as print on demand allows. I had to order multiple proofs over that time because of some issues with bleed. There should not be any issues. If there are, please contact me immediately! 

Go! Buy it now!

Lulu .pdf: Here!
Lulu Softcover: Here!
Lulu Casewrap Hardcover: Here!
Lulu Dust Jacket Hardcover: Here!
RPGNow .pdf: Here!
RPGNow Softcover + .pdf: coming soon
Free Basic Rules: coming soon
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  1. Any differences between the casewrap and dust jacket HC versions?

    1. Only that one is casewrapped and one is in a Dustjacket.

  2. So if my PCs fail Rise of Tiamat, this would be a perfect play on campaign then?

  3. Congratulations. How long did it take you to write it, start to finish?

    1. October of 2013 was the Genesis. I had most of it written by the spring of 2014, The following 18 months were waiting on art and writing from contributors, then 6 months to layout and edit. I had multiple games running over this period to playtest.

      Layout and editing took so long because there are 4 different formats of the book. I also work full time.

  4. Huzzah. I know where some of my money is going this payday.

  5. I can vouch for the artists' payment, Campbell is a pro that way. Just ordered my copy and am sending the link around! A pleasure and an honor to work on this with you Campbell.

  6. I can't believe I wasn't invited to test play this!

  7. I downloaded a pdf off of drivethru last night and noticed the front cover was missing. It's just a blank white page. Is there a way to get a copy with the cover? It's just too cool of an image to not have.

    1. It's been pointed out to me! I'm going to correct the .pdf on my weekend (Monday-ish) and you can just redownload the .pdf once I've fixed it.


    2. Awesome. I look forward to it. It's such a cool picture.

  8. As I couldn't find a detailed outline anywhere when i was trying to hoodwink friends into playing I wrote a little screed on my blog on how it looks from the inside, I hope it will encourage others to play its got me hook line and barbed sinker :D



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