On a Yellow Dingo's Fungus Guide XI-XV

A long time ago, a blogger, Yellow Dingo posted many weird and wonderful things. Sadly (s)he is no longer with us. The best work by yellow dingo was a series on weird and dangerous fungus that was posted to his blog.. Sadly, that blog is now lost, to a spammer. However, some members of our community managed to save that information. In the spirit of archival and rejuvenation, I am without permission (and with no charge to my patrons), reposting that wonderful series here on this blog. All writing and art is credit to the original poster at Yellow Dingo. All fungus statted up for Labyrinth Lord, but easily convertable to any system from Original Dungeons and Dragons to 5th Edition. Anyone who feels strongly that this is a bad (or good) idea, feel free to contact me with your concerns. My personal hard drive and OSR back channels are not nearly as resilient as the cloud. Enjoy. From the defunct Yellow Dingo Appendix blog:

A Guide to Dangerous Fungi XI-XV


EnvironmentDungeons, Caves, Mushroom ForestsAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class8Hit Dice2*
Move20' (7')Intelligence2
Attacks1-4 TentaclesDamageParalysis
No. Appearing1 (1-4)Save AsFighter: L2
Treasure TypeAXP Value25
Description:Often encountered as a large mushroom atop a pile of dead and rotten things they will attack with their tentacles, paralyse a target, and wait on the corpse until the corpse rots into nutrients. When a Devourer leaves a Fungi Mound it is to seek a new food leaving behind a spore bed from which new offspring will germinate.

Faerie Ring

EnvironmentForests, WoodlandsAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class9 - 2Hit Dice1* - 8*
No. Appearing1 (1)Save AsFighter: L1-L8
Treasure TypeA (1*HD)XP Value13/25/50/125/300/500/950/1200
Description:The really big and old ones are known as Stone Circles. The smaller faerie ring is none the less a dangerous foe. They both gate anyone entering the circle of fungi into the pocket dimension from which the fungi emerged. Arriving in what appears to be a colossal subterranean chamber they are left to die and break down into food for the fungi. Having accumulated many victims they can be filled with centuries of treasure.
Fairy races will use these pocket planes to create a fairy realm. If killed the gate to the pocket plane closes permanently. The Pocket plane will contain considerable wealth of previous victims if the current victim can only escape with it (a wish or gate spell should do the trick).

Strangling Horror

EnvironmentAt night or any dark placeAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class6Hit DiceAs Summoner (or previous form)*
MoveCloud of Spores: 300' (100')IntelligenceSee below
AttacksSpore Cloud or ClawsDamageSpecial/3d6+4/3d6+4
No. Appearing1 (1)Save AsFighter: LX
Treasure TypeAny Guarded or NilXP Valuedetermine as for summoner or previous form
Description:Usually summoned from its Plane of Decay with a Gate Spell to guard an object, or place for a specified time, or hunt a victim by some powerful wizard this fungi has two forms: As a huge cloud of Spores it may travel great distances at incredible speed and the choking cloud can infect any victim with spores – forcing the victim to make a save vs. disease or turn into a strangling demon in 10 days. Only a Wish will reverse this prospect. DMs not prepared to have their PCs become a Strangling Horror should fudge any failed saving throws.
As a Humanoid it is ten feet tall and has incredible physical strength - 23 and dexterity - 18 (other stats are as its summoner or the stats of the previous life if spore infected) and solidifies into this form with hands around a victim’s neck from spore cloud form as it always takes surprise. It is however vulnerable to a combination of Silver and Fire in humanoid form – and invulnerable to non magical attack in cloud form.
It is because of its ability to infect others that only the most insane wizard will risk summoning a strangling horror – damn the risks of opening a beach-head for otherworldly fungi.


EnvironmentCaves, Fungi ForestsAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class5Hit Dice3
No. Appearing1-4 (10-100)Save AsFighter: L3
Treasure TypeSXP Value35
Description:This fungi will attack any in 5-10 feet range with a bludgeoning head with the intent of killing their prey. Hammerheads will pulverize even large skeletal remains leaving no evidence as to how they get nutrients.

Holy Water Sprinkler

EnvironmentFungi ForestsAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class-5Hit Dice6*
AttacksSpecialDamageSee below
No. Appearing1-4 Sprinklers (1)Save AsFighter: L6
Treasure TypeSXP Value500
Description:This fungus does not sprinkle holy-water; rather it sprinkles flammable oil which explodes as a 5d6 Fireball when exposed to an open flame as prey approaches within its range. The oil sells at a hundred gold pieces per undischarged sprinkler to Alchemists and Wizards.


EnvironmentCaves, Mushroom ForestsAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class2Hit Dice2
No. Appearing1(1)Save AsFighter: L2
Treasure TypeVXP Value20
Description:This appears to be a large conical seashell however when any prey approaches within ten feet it will uncoil and attempt to tangle its prey. It will then proceed to coil back up crushing the victim in an attempt to drink the prey for nutrients.

Banished Ones

EnvironmentCaverns, Fungal Forests, Plane of Decay, SwampsAlignmentChaotic (Neutral)
Armour Class-2Hit Dice20**
Move10' (3')Intelligence23
AttacksClawDamage1d4 + Poison
No. Appearing1 (1)Save AsFighter: LX
Treasure TypeAXP Value5,975
Description:The M’aal Toroc is a 20’ tall shroom with a 10’ diameter cap are horrors that crawls about on small crab-like legs. These legs are coated in a poison which will result in death of any who is scratched by one (and fails to save vs. poison).  Having fled the Plane of Decay (or in the case of those that are Druids – having been banished for heresy) these Sentient Fungi are mostly Chaotic Magic-users of 20th level or better (1% are Neutral Druids who chose to worship Nature).


EnvironmentDungeons, Caves, Fungi ForestsAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class9Hit Dice1 hp*
AttacksAgeDamage1 year
No. Appearing1-10 (1-100)Save AsNormal Human
Treasure TypeAXP Value6
Description: These nasty fungi will when their prey is within ten feet begin to twist—aging a single victim by one year.  Once a year has been taken from a victim the shroom will twist its cap off and die becoming spore for the next generation. While a year may not seem much of a loss multiple shrooms could age even a dragon to death.


EnvironmentDungeons, Caves, Fungi ForestsAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class5Hit Dice1/2
No. Appearing1-10(0)Save AsNormal Human
Treasure TypeNilXP Value5
Description:These fungi sacks grow to one foot in diameter on the walls of Dungeons and caves. When they detect heat within ten feet or are attacked they explode releasing spores for the growth of the next generation.  Kobolds like to scrape them off the walls with ten foot poles and run with them at adventurers like a hornet hive on a stick.

Hack & Slash 


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