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A long time ago, a blogger, Yellow Dingo posted many weird and wonderful things. Sadly (s)he is no longer with us. The best work by yellow dingo was a series on weird and dangerous fungus that was posted to his blog. Sadly, that blog is now lost, to a spammer. However, some members of our community managed to save that information.

In the spirit of archival and rejuvenation, I am without permission (and with no charge to my patrons), reposting that wonderful series here on this blog. All writing and art is credit to the original poster at Yellow Dingo. All fungus statted up for Labyrinth Lord, but easily convertable to any system from Original Dungeons and Dragons to 5th Edition. Anyone who feels strongly that this is a bad (or good) idea, feel free to contact me with your concerns. My personal hard drive and OSR back channels are not nearly as resilient as the cloud. Enjoy.

From the defunct Yellow Dingo Appendix blog:


Environment:Caves, Dungeons, Fungi Forests, SwampsAlignment:Neutral
Armour Class9Hit Dice1/2
AttacksHallucinatory PollenDamageSee description
No. Appearing1-4 stalksSave AsNormal Human
Treasure TypenilXP Value6
Description: Blackwheat is rather poisonous in that it will release hallucinatory Pollen that will cause anyone who approaches within fifty feet and fails to save vs. poison to see terrible things for as long as they continue to fail a daily save vs. poison check. Victims of Blackwheat might become enraged or violent out of fear at what they are seeing.


Environment:Caves, Dungeons, Fungi ForestsAlignment:Neutral
Armour Class2Hit Dice4
Attacksup to six spinesDamage1d6/spine + 1 hp/spine/round
No. Appearing1-6Save AsFighter: L4
Treasure TypeNilXP Value75
Description: Goilroot is found hanging from the ceiling of caves and dungeons. The Fungi will sense the approach of any foe and when they are beneath the goilroot it will erupt into violence causing spines to grow at an impossible rate downward through the foe (even armoured) seeking moisture from the victim’s body. Unless the victim is freed quickly and healed they will die. Once done drinking the victim dry the spines will break off allowing the fungi to begin again as a stubby root cluster growing from the ceiling.

Horns of Aeroth

EnvironmentLiving HostAlignmentChaotic
Armour Class3Hit Dice4*
MoveAs HostIntelligence1
AttacksSpecialDamageAs Host
No. Appearing1 Pair per HostSave AsFighter: L4
Treasure TypeNilXP Value125
Description:The Horns of Aeroth are fungi which grow from the skull of the victim. They have a nasty side effect in that they will force the victim to make a charisma check every time he/she is insulted. A fail to save results in a temporary shift to chaotic alignment and the victim will fly into a violent rage attacking the source of the insult. The alignment shift will remain until the source of the insult is dead (Basically little Timoth better mind his tongue when the demon horned man walks by).


EnvironmentCaves, Dungeons, Fungi Forests, Heavy ForestsAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class8Hit Dice5*
AttacksSpecialDamageSee description
No. Appearing1 (1)Save AsFighter: L5
Treasure TypeAXP Value300
DescriptionAnyone foolish enough to make physical contact with this shroom will lose levels at the rate of one per round until they reach zero. The Victim then becomes a shadow which is tied to the Shadowshroom that turned him/her/it into a shadow.
A Shadowshroom will have 0-3 previous occupants who can attack any foe entering within ten feet of the shadowshroom.
The Shadowshroom can only house up to three shadows—old victims will be ejected and be able to wander freely in order to make way for a new victim.


EnvironmentCaves, Dungeons, Fungi ForestsAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class8Hit Dice1
Move60' (20')Intelligence3
No. Appearing1-100Save AsFighter: L1
Treasure Type(as victim)XP Value3
Morale1 (12)
Description:The Tumblebriar is the epitome of strength in numbers. One briar alone will simply flee any attempt to kill it but larger numbers will gather and attack the only way they can—by snagging on loose clothing or fur until the opponent is immobilized. They then wait until the prey dies of hunger and becomes nutrients.


EnvironmentAny at night, Any subterraneanAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class7Hit DiceAs Fungi Total*
Move20' (7')Intelligence1
Attacks1 Bite + SpecialDamage1d4 + Spore
No. Appearing1 (2-5)Save AsAs Fungi Total
Treasure TypeNilXP Value6xp  / fungi total
Description:Krabbes serve as the spore bed for future fungal colonies and might be encountered anywhere. Made up of 3-6 types of immature fungi and spore, the Krabbes is a little mister bitey looking to infect anyone it can take a bite out of as it travels outward to create new colonies.


EnvironmentCaves, Dungeons, Mushroom ForestsAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class8Hit Dice1 hp
Move20' (7')Intelligence1
AttacksCrush/ExplodeDamage1d4 / 3d6
No. Appearing1 (1-10)Save AsNormal Human
Treasure TypeNilXP Value6
Description:A Puffball will roll around its environment but will not actively pursue prey. Any Damage will result in an explosion of air and fungus spore inflicting 3d6 damage to everyone in a fifty feet radius. Victims of an explosion will need to save vs. Disease or become host to a Puffball growing in their stomachs causing bloating. Death is certain but may be averted by a cure disease.


EnvironmentLiving HostAlignmentChaotic
Armour Classas hostHit Diceas host
Moveas hostIntelligence17
Attacksas hostDamageas host
No. Appearing1 per hostSave AsFighter: LX
Treasure TypeNilXP Valueas host
Description:The Brainspider will grow out of the top of the skull forcing its way to the surface through cracks in the bone. It exerts considerable influence over the host and poses a significant threat to others as it has the ability to take control of the host when it’s survival is concerned.
The things that look like legs of the spider are in fact numerous feeding tubes through which the fungi breaths air. Any attempt to damage the brain spider or the host will result in violence. Its removal requires a death spell and cure disease.
Fully grown (a year old) the Brainspider simply lifts itself out of the skull – brain and all – abandoning the host corpse.

Faerie Wings

Environmentliving hostAlignmentas host
Armour Classas hostHit Diceas host
MoveFly 60'(20')Intelligenceas host
No. Appearing1 pair per hostSave AsSee Description
Treasure Typeas hostXP Valueas host
Moraleas host
Description:The fine membrane grows from the shoulders of the infected host. While it grants the great boon of flight, it is a prize that comes at a cost. For anyone larger than a brownie, every time the infected takes flight the wings glow with a poisonous light that slowly kills the host (-1 constitution) causing the victim to vomit blood. This will continue to reduce the host’s constitution until it drops below three at which death will occur.
Faerie wings can only be removed by a wish.


EnvironmentDungeons, Caves, Fungi ForestsAlignmentNeutral
Armour Class9Hit Dice1 hp*
No. Appearing1 (1)Save AsNormal Human
Treasure TypeNilXP Value6
Description: This little mushroom gives off a faint blue gas which when presented with an open flame will burn like a firestorm through the atmosphere of all the accessible parts of the dungeon feeding on the very air as the source of fuel. Fortunately it requires considerable atmospheric pressure so will not burn the air in dungeons above a hundred feet deep.
Fireshroom are sometimes found at the bottom of wells causing a pool of fire to burn where the atmospheric pressure is high.

Monk's Halo

Environmentliving hostAlignmentas host
Armour Classas hostHit Diceas host
Moveas hostIntelligenceCollective intelligence (1/host)
Attacksas hostDamageas host
No. Appearing1 per hostSave AsFighter: LX
Treasure Typeas hostXP Valueas host
Description:This odd fungus seems harmless enough as it simply grows as a ring of glowing fungi about the skull of its host, but it is its ability to connect the brains of the infected when in sight of one another has seen many monks actively seek infection through consumption of the fungus. Entire monastic orders are known to have been infected.
It is uncertain what the collective agenda this fungi has but an increasing number of Monks have become vocal in political circles. This spreading heresy has not gone un-noticed by the Church.


Armour Class4Hit DiceAs height of host tree (in feet)
Move2' x height of host tree (in feet)Intelligence1
Attacks1-4 Strangling RootsDamageAs height of host tree (in feet)
No. Appearing1 (100-1,000)Save AsFighter: Level as height of tree (in feet)
Treasure TypeNilXP ValueVaries
Description: This looks like a dead tree with some sort of large black growths all over it. The Fungi animates the old tree causing it to move about on its roots and attack animals and other living creatures in an attempt to drink them for nutrients needed to maintain the fungi and its host tree.  There are rumours of a wandering wood of dead trees that descends on rural farms and consumes the stock and farmers before moving on. Legend has it the Bough of Deadwood is looking for revenge.

Forest Guardian

EnvironmentFungi ForestsAlignmentChaotic or Neutral
Armour Class7Hit Dice8*
Move30' (10')Intelligenceasdf
Attacks2 Fists + Miasma BreathDamage4d6/4d6/Special
No. Appearing1-10Save AsFighter: L8
Treasure TypeNilXP Value1,200
DescriptionThis ten feet tall fungal aberration is a conglomeration of pretty much every fungi type into a single collective organism capable of surprising intelligence and power. It dominates the forest because it shares a link with the fungi forest that spawned it.
Perhaps most terrifying is the hallucinogenic miasma that it breathes out (functioning as a hallucinatory terrain for any fool who engages in melee with a forest guardian at a -4 save vs. Poison penalty).

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  1. Good job by dingo. Loving the fungus and old school illustrations.


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