On an Evil Night

What day is it?

Well, most of the time, it doesn't matter, even if you keep a calendar. That makes it very easy to make tonight (or any night soon) an evil night in your game. This is just like adding a holiday or festival except instead of never doing it because it adds work, you can easily do it because it adds adventure.

Every so often, the town knows an evil night occurs. What happens on this evil night?

  1. Every object inside every house animates and seeks to punish or protect those who have cared or abused them. The only place to stay is in a blessed dwelling, that remains uninhabited for the rest of the year.
  2. Ghosts of ancestors return and traverse the streets, wailing the deeds of the living and begging to hold them accountable. They cannot enter houses, unless some enormity large enough has driven them into a frenzy. Many who listen on that night will hear things they wish they could unhear.
  3. Beastboon. Everyone is taken over by their inner animal nature and transform into half-man half-animals. They spend the night fucking, fighting, and feasting. Not all survive.
  4. The goblin council. This night, each goblin becomes 10, each xvart 100, all of the same mind. A peace takes over their minds and they visit human communities united. Hordes and thongs of them. They cannot damage property, but woe unto anyone who discovers that they are outside. For they have little interest in quickly killing their prey
  5. Gates to hell quietly open at night fall and devils party in the street. Braver people leave their homes. Some may survive with their souls intact, though few do.
  6. A fog comes over each person at nightfall as the realm of dream crosses over with reality for but a night. Each person lives their own waking nightmare or fantasy for the night. Few awake the next day unchanged.
  7. Beastrise. Each animal, bird, and reptile in the village grows into a humanoid shape the size of an ogre. Many take what they wish and redress grievances during this time. Others, loyal to kind masters prevent them from any wrongdoing. 
  8. Bells toll at dusk, and everyone splits into two halves, one containing a certain set of skills and the other containing the rest. What happens between people this night is beyond the rule of law.
  9. At night, all the people in the town fall into furious torrid lovemaking until dawn. Few of them desire it (though there are always some that don't mind), but it's forced upon them due to a curse from a nearby wizard in a tower who seeks more female concubines for his harem.
  10. A god descends from heaven. Which one is always unclear. Some may choose to petition her, but the gods are fickle and prone to violence. 

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  1. This is awesome. Every year, on Halloween, I run a "special" one-shot session and give out small (real-world) thematic gifts as trophies. This year, I think I might incorporate this idea into it, and do a regular session with the players' main characters. I'm already thinking of ideas for mementos and trophies to give out. Thanks for the inspiration!


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