On a 5th Edition Ranger Variant, the Bounty Hunter

Ranger Archetype

At 3rd level, you choose an archetype that you strive to emulate: Hunter, Bounty Hunter or Beast Master, both detailed at the end of the class description. Your choice grants you features at 3rd level and again at 7th, 11th,
and 15th level.

Bounty Hunter

You are a bulwark of nothing. You specialize in killing or capturing other creatures or characters for profit. Sometimes this may involve clearing out a specific hazard to civilization, sometimes this involves removing a specific target.

Hunter's Bounty
At 3rd level, you gain all the following features:
Hunter's Protection: You gain a +1 bonus to your Armor Class in Medium or Light Armor.
Hunter's Quarry: You spend 1 week of downtime learning about your target or quarry. If you succeed at an Intelligence (Investigation) check, you gain advantage when attacking or tracking (Wisdom (Survival)) your target or quarry. Note that this advantage must apply to a specific creature type (Xvarts, or Black Oozes) not a category of creatures, or it will apply to a specific individual. The DC should be 10 for a common or uncommon creature, 15 for a rare creature or specific individual, or 20 for a private, reclusive, or hiding individual or very rare or unique creature. This check may be retried if failed at the cost of another weeks investigation. This bonus may only apply to one person or creature type at a time.
Bounty's Safe Return: You may choose to knock a target unconscious with a ranged weapon in addition to a being able to with a melee attack.

Hunter's Skill
At 7th level, gain all the following features.
Quarry's Mark: The victim of your target or quarry is always considered to be under the effect of a Hunter's Mark spell for you. In addition, if moving towards your quarry, once per round, you may expend your reaction to move an additional 10 feet to them. Each time you do so, you must make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw. On a failure you cannot use this ability again till you take a short rest.
Talented: You can select an additional skill to be proficient in.

Tracker's Posse 
At 11th level, gain the following features.
Improved Protection: Gain an additional +1 to your armor class in medium or light armor, for a total of +2. You also gain proficiency in an additional saving throw category.
Ally's Mark: Any of your allies may treat your quarry as if they are under the effect of a Hunter's Mark spell in regards to extra damage. This cannot affect more allies than 1/2 your level.

Power of the Dog
At 15th level, gain the following feature.
Stalker in the Night: Any hit you strike against your Quarry is a critical hit.
Speed of the Hunt: You may use Dash as a bonus action.

Hack & Slash 
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  1. I like this - it's a lot of fun

  2. Read through this a few times. At first I thought it was pretty strong, but I get what you did with the 1 week limitation and why you added other abilities like Talented and Speed of the Hunt to balance it out. I like it a lot. Thanks so much for sharing. Always a fan of investigative-style characters.

    If I adopt it I might replace Improved Protection with something else unique for the class (not sure what yet, just a personal preference) and limit Allies' Mark to smaller numbers (Charisma or Wisdom bonus maybe) because as written it's a minimum 6d6 extra damage on a single target at 11th level even if everyone only takes a single attack (the +1d6 is every weapon attack not once per round, so a few 11th level warrior allies with 2-4 attacks each will really ramp up the damage).

    1. It's not like ranger is all that appealing in the first place, right?

  3. You could change the Improved Protection +1 to make them like the Monk movement, mmm like +10 feets with medium +20 with light armor.

    Also I like the idea of @Rich that Ally's Mark should be Wisdom bonus more than a 1/2 level.

    About Quarry's Mark, when you say target or quarry, you mean a creature under Hunter's Quarry or what?

    1. Yes, I mean the creature picked by Hunter's Quarry.

      I agree that "Additional targets equal to Wisdom Modifier" is probably better, but I don't think that many extra D6 are really going to make that much difference over the course of the adventure. I mean, they have to hit, with a weapon attack, and they do +3 damage when they do. Everything has like over 9000 hit points. YMMV


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