On the Hack and Slash Compendium 2

Guys, I want to show you something:

Yeah. That's the second blog compendium.

It's basically a complete reworking of Treasure. Oh, you should see this->

It's thick. 100 pages thick. Treasure was 13 pages.

Oh! Oh! You know what? John Bell, Arnold Kemp and Tom Fitzgerald wrote for it! I paid them, actual real world money for their articles. Well, I paid everyone but John, only because Canadian banks apparently only accept moose as payment, so there have been some delays. But he has money coming to him. So if you like Retired Adventurer, Goblin Punch, or Middenmurk (and who doesn't?!), you should get it!

Oh, right, you're broke. It's tight this month. I understand.

That's why it's FREE. I mean Pay What You Want. But you can pay $0. So effectively free.

Only for 7 days though.

What if you pay me though?

I'm going to use the money to pay artists for ecology. BIG FAMOUS ARTISTS. People who's names you have heard. Also, hopefully, I won't lose money. Also, just like patronage, 10% will be donated to Cancer research. Because my wife has cancer. And cancer can die in a fire.

If you are a patron, you can even get a coil bound edition for cost, to be even more helpful when you're rolling up that key treasure hoard.

There's a lot in there:

  • Things players can spend money on!
  • Hotlinked/Bookmarked .pdf!
  • Weights and capacities for the transportation of valuable goods!
  • Public domain illustrations!
  • Hundreds of unique and interesting items!
  • The secret to creating interesting treasure!
  • Essays by John Bell of the Retired Adventurer, Arnold Kemp of Goblin Punch, and Tom Fitzgerald of Middenmurk!
  • Random generation of treasure, including books, magical books, and book traps!
  • Expanded gemstone descriptions!
  • Perfect Bound (Coil Bound for Patreons)
  • Costs 0$ for a limited time! Affordable print copy available. 

The .pdf is A5, perfect for tablets, and is hotlinked to the table of contents for lightning fast navigation.

So you should get it, because all the cool people are getting it. And you really really should share this as widely as possible so no one misses the pay what you want window! It's only 7 days before it becomes its regular price! The print version will increase in price in 7 days also!

It is, as they say, hot. That is the best time for getting things.

Print Copy, Perfect Bound at Lulu
.pdf Copy, at RPG.now
Print Copy, Coil Bound at Lulu (Patreon Only)

Hack & Slash 
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  1. Hats off to your work, good sir. And fuck cancer with a pointy stick.

  2. Love your work, C. Didn't have to think twice about ordering this.

    Will spread the word on USS. Cheers.

  3. Just bought a copy on Ethan's recommendation! Looking forward to it!


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