On the OSR Character Sheet

In the spirit of Player Level, It's time for the OSR Character sheet!

Name: Courtney Campbell Alias: -C, Nexusphere
Alignment: Lawful Intense Blog: https://hackslashmaster.blogspot.com/
Frequency Appearing: 2-4x week % in Lair: 90%+
Currently Running 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Years running Games: 27
Online Presence: Google +
Favorite Version of Dungeons and Dragons: Hackmaster 4th Edition Hours gamed per week: 6-18
Followers: 458 Google Followers, 758 RSS feed Subscribers, 2.514 G+ Followers Years Played: 30
Special Traits: Argumentative, Effective Communicator, Quantum Dissipation, Terrible Player, 5% chance to start Blog Meme
Special Weaknesses: Storygames
Spells: Level 1:Empower Players, Caffinate Self, Conjure Players
Level 2:Write Blog Post, Disrupt play with off-topic conversation
Level 3: Rant, Survive Misfortune
Level 4: Self Publish Zine
Level 5: Sell Book to Publisher

(Plain Text)
Frequency Appearing:
% in Lair:
Currently Running:
Years Running Games:
Online Presence:
Favorite Version of Dungeons and Dragons:
Hours Gamed Per Week:
Years Played:
Special Traits:
Special Weaknesses:

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