On A New Year

I've got a life filled with news.

  • I just turned in a 397 page manuscript. So, there's that. Sometime this year is the answer. More information coming soon is the other answer. I wrote it twice and laid it out once and am glad to be done. It frees up my time to work on lapsed projects here. Expect a return to form on the blog, now that I've got more time
  • Patreon works. Better than self-publishing. Better than Kickstarter, (and kickstarter works a fair sight better than many people give it credit for).
    • The Alexandrian is one of the best gaming theory blogs around. Since starting the Patron Campaign, we've gotten 17 posts so far just this year. That's the output of the entire blog last year from January to June! And good posts too; We're in a revival of gaming, but the real work of discovery is just beginning. Take his posts on an in-depth examination of what exactly constants a citycrawl and why a good one hasn't really be done yet. Patreon for the Alexandrian
    • The comic about philosophers playing D&D is now being produces regularly instead of erratically. Instead of not being made consistently, it now is. Patreon for Existential Comics
    • Take my blog for example. 145 posts were written that otherwise wouldn't have been. Over 1,000$ was funneled back into the gaming community, supporting artists, writers, and creators. More cool things are around then were before. Patreon for Hack & Slash

Patreon isn't a temporary thing, or a passing fad. It is effectively the new method of supporting the creative class, and does so in a way that produces free product for everyone!

  • My 32 year-old wife has cancer. Fuck Cancer*. In the spirit of Fuck Cancer, 10% of Patreon Proceeds are going to be donated to the Cancer Research Institute. This institute has a 95.76/100 rating on Charity Navigator Ratings. My wife has breast cancer, but breast cancer receives a much greater proportion of funding then incidence. People like boobs. The Cancer Research Institute is trying to eliminate cancer as a problem.. If you want to help, donate to the Cancer Research Institute. If you want to help us, become a patron of the blog

Normally, I'd use this week to have a pledge drive week. I'm not going to do that. I think I produce useful stuff. If you think that's worth supporting, then do it. I am going to tell you what that sort of support is going to produce this year, that would not exist otherwise, without the giving, caring, group of supporters taking action to make the world a place they like a little bit more.
On the to do list, this year:

  • Perdition: Role Playing in Hell
  • Ecology: Monstrous creative monsters.
  • Blog Compendium: Cities & Villages
  • Blog Compendium: Treasures, Weird & Magical
  • Blog Compendium: Character Portraits
  • Blog Compendium: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Collection
  • Numenhalla: The God Halls Megadungeon
  • Continuing work on the multi-level rumors content
  • More Tricks and Traps
  • Reviews of great content & products
  • an index for my Hoard of the Dragon Queen Reviews. 
  • More Hack & Slash TV with interviews, commentary, and discussion!

So that's what we're working towards this year! Come be a part of the team that supports it! Benefit from it even if you are not.

*I don't swear on this blog and try to keep it family friendly, but, seriously, FUCK CANCER. 


  1. I'm sorry to hear it, Courtney. No wonder your production has been down lately.

  2. I'm very sorry to hear about your wife Courtney. I wish only the best for both of you. :-)

    P.S. And you're right.... F@#K CANCER!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your wife. My best wishes are with you both!

  4. Love you, old friend. I'll always be proud to be your first patron.

    1. I'm looking forward to beating you in Dominions.

    2. You guys play Dominions?!?

      I love that game. A bunch of my D&D NPCs have named ripped off from the Ulmish, Abyssian, Rus, or undead Dominian name lists. (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TNXA3nBYDQM6u2sG-teTuPEZa-_KEDJrwrurYvk8-eU/edit#gid=0)

  5. I wish you both all the best, now kick that cancer's effing ass!

  6. Courtney, you're one of my top three GMs ever. I hope you continue to find success in blogging, writing, and oncology in 2015. I, for one, will probably always enjoy reading your creative output.

    1. Hah! Probably always, eh?
      Thanks for the kind words. We are not the type to go quietly.


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