On 50 Interesting Pieces of Treasure

Since the next Blog Compendium is in progress, I'd figure I'd share some work from it. The values for such items can be set as you wish, or determined by rolling one to three dice and multiplying by 10 gp, 100 gp, or 1000 gp.

"Random" random items can have a quite samey feel after a while. Some of the most interesting tables are those formed by simply abulafiaing an already interesting random table of items. Since we actually don't need to generate an infinite amount of treasure for our games, tables like the following can be quite useful.

  1. A polished obsidian orb.
  2. A lantern with a bejeweled hood, when lowered, it casts a multi-colored shadow.
  3. An engraved platinum toilet sponge rod.
  4. An onyx comb, shaped like a raven that has common cabochon ruby eyes.
  5. A bone clip inlaid with gold that resembles the teeth of some long dead rat.
  6. A small silver coffer set with three agates in a uneven triangle. The sides are sculpted to resemble tiger paws.
  7. A porcelain doll, that looks like a troll.
  8. A pair of brass bookends shaped like ram's heads.
  9. A small marble birdbath, inlaid with gold.
  10. A thin silver crown set only with a very small diamond. It has an inscription in elvish that reads, "stature is not the veracity of faith"
  11. A marionette with a ceramic face that has a long hook nose and blue eyes, covered in flowing multi-colored silk, and a cross of light blue-silver metal and resilient strings made of the same. The toy is 5 feet from top to bottom.
  12. A battered iron helm made for a boar, with an set of three ivory spikes jutting from it.
  13. A supple wineskin, died a rich red-gold, with a polished maple drink spout. Water kept in this container tastes particularly wonderful.
  14. A curved horn of dragon bone, inlaid with gold. Produces a rich brassy tone.
  15. A small wooden box, filled with a dozen polished turquoise buttons.
  16. A pair of bronzed child's boots.
  17. A small platinum sculpture of thin bent cylindrical twists that form the shape of an egg. At the center rests a golden topaz.
  18. A dwarven iron bracelet inscribed in runic dwarvish "Our bond is that of metal"
  19. A stack of golden coins, each meticulously defaced and crudely carved with the face of a grinning goblin.
  20. An earring shaped like a demons ear, made of finely worked light gold and set with point-cut rubies. It fits over the rear of the ear changing the shape of the wearer's ear.
  21. An ebony statue of a bear standing of exquisite workmanship. A small fairy ring of mushrooms cast in silver rests in the base
  22. An incense burner of the grim reaper sitting in a tree, holding a snake and a crystal ball. Two skeletons kneel in front of him. It is made of ceramic and set with tiny simple rose-cut diamonds and rubies.
  23. A set of salt and pepper shakers shaped like the front and back half of a unicorn, made of porcelain and inlaid with gold and silver
  24. A meticulously woven reed mat, with the phrase "YOU GO AWAY! YOU DIE!" written in goblin.
  25. A small series of molds for baking, each shaped like different holiday features, roses, hearts, gifts, etc.
  26. A series of five carved gems, a ruby carved in the shape of a strawberry, an emerald carved in the shape of an apple, a sapphire carved in the shape of a blueberry, a topaz carved in the shape of a banana and a diamond carved in the shape of an onion.
  27. A pair of burnished steel gauntlets shaped like giant ogre fists, studded with octagon cut agates around the wrist.
  28. A waist high ebony sculpture of a pair of hooves of a large animal, with a hollow interior, such that one could put ones feet into them.
  29. A small haversack filled with gold dust.
  30. An electrum sleeping mask shaped like the eyes and nose bridge of a cow.
  31. A hollow globe depicting the planet, that hangs over a small brass candle stand and chain. Wax covers the small brass candle stand.
  32. A set of small silver figures, each representing a different circus performer in a different pose. There is the Master of Ceremonies with his arms outspread, a strongman lifting up a barbell, an acrobat standing on her hands, a lion tamer with a lion, and a monkey riding an elephant.
  33. A small ceramic piggy bank, unbroken, shaped like an orc.
  34. A taxidermy goblin that is strikingly realistic.
  35. A golden mechanical songbird. It plays three different tunes.
  36. A thick leather collar, plated in sections of silver, each inset with four small oval-cut sapphires. There is a large iron ring where the collar attaches
  37. A toe ring made of gold-plated iron, that is set with a marble claw. Around the base of the claw are a dozen pinhead-sized common cabochon cut topaz.
  38. A neck chain of small bones strung on a wire. On each is carved a different pair of letters. Several of the bones appear to be broken off or missing, rendering the goblin inscription illegible. 
  39. An oaken backscratcher set with 4 high cabochon-cut rectangular jade.
  40. A mirror set in a silver pointed starburst setting with wide triangular leaves.  The top has a large round intaglio black opal, and each of the wings are cameo-set with round moonstone and onyx.
  41. A crystal beaker with the measurements in some long forgotten standard, etched in platinum. 
  42. A knife block carved from jade, holding four knives, each with a handle made from jade and set with pearl fasteners. The blades are of bright, sharp, steel.
  43. A platinum mug, set with a star sapphire that has a needle brilliant cut and enameled in gold. The interior is dark, polished maple.
  44. A small sack made of supple, high quality leather, with a dyed design that makes the entire pack when carried look like a chicken.
  45. A 120 piece puzzle in a large oak box, inlaid with jet. The pieces are made from different pieces of rock crystal and quartz, that form an abstract pattern.
  46. A painting of an ogre eating a sheep that has a dark somber quality to it. The frame is made from silver and is set with a handful of intaglio-cutstar Rose quartz
  47. A small steel box, set with a single piece of coral on the top. Each side of the interior is mirrored.
  48. A set of china plates, inlaid with gold, each with a different zodiac symbol enameled in the bottom.
  49. A finely wrought chain barding covered in a knitted sweater for a dog.
  50. A pair of giant brass door knockers shaped like the faces of the fairy king and queen. 

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  1. Very nice. Some great ideas there too. Thanks. :-)

  2. Even when just finding coins, I think one of things that gets overlooked is the kind of coins that are found. I recently had my party run afoul of some Gnolls who had their pockets stuff with the coins of a long dead empire. Suddenly a random encounter became an adventure hook.

    1. All the coins which come up from our dungeons have the faces of forgotten Lords upon them. Changing them for coins of the realm is a bother but it adds verisimilitude. Perhaps some day my PC shall consult a sage about the whos and what-fors of these forgotten men.

  3. Diamond onion! (Sounds dwarvish.)


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