On Hack & Slash TV

So, another episode of Hack & Slash TV is up. It's been edited down to all the high points.

  • Thread of the week!
  • Talk about a great new artist doing OSR work!
  • A study of a classic D&D art piece
  • Comments from my wife
  • Discussion about 5e and Phandelver
  • and Boxed Text Boos!

If you've got about 30 minutes, take a look! Play it in the background while you work on something! Let me know what you think!

If you want to see the whole uncut exchange it's available to my Patreons!

UPDATE: Apparently someone clicked the wrong thing somewhere recently and the audio is messed up. An edit is in progress and it should be fixed shortly.

UPDATE AGAIN: And the sound issue seems to be resolved!

Hack & Slash 
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