On Towns, Dunsay

Densay is a small town of 1,182 people and is a city on the fringes of civilized lands near a swamp. There are a large number of wizards in the town and it is ruled harshly by a Rakshasa named Ori.

The town is extremely orderly and clean with a golden and bejeweled public square, who's beauty in the marshland is only marred by the torture of those who are about to be eaten.

Most of the population has near fanatical support for Ori, because those that show doubt, despair or apathy are the first to die. Many people view this as a wonderful place to live. Taxes are non-existent, they are extremely safe, the town is beautiful, and as long as you capture someone to take your place when your lot is called or you have an essential job, you don't have anything to worry about. You aren't oppressed! Someday you'll be in charge.



Lawful Evil, A frontier swamp town with wizards ruled by a despotic monster.

"Splendorem, et immortalitatis"; in splendor lies immortality. The town is exquisitely designed, which does nothing to camouflage the plight of the people.


Government: Dictatorship of a Rakshasa named Ori, enforced by his elite lizard man and bullywug guards.

Population: There are 320 human households (average less than 3 people) and assorted humans. (934 humans total), 40 elven households (1.47 average) and assorted elves (59 elves total), Half-elves count 35 in number and half-orcs count 24 in number. There are 118 lizard men of the Snapper Reed clan in the town, and 12 odd Bullywugs who work exclusively for Ori.

Languages Spoken: Common, Human regional dialect, Ophidian, A few townmembers and the bullywugs speak Chordata

Local Religions:

  • Worship is of a goddess of destruction. All other worship is officially outlawed. She is an aspect of Shiva (Bhaal in the Forgotten Realms, Nerull in Greyhawk). The followers are called "The Faithful of the Transcendent Worm". Solemn daily prayers are required, and having a family and children are discouraged. Apathy and despair in the face of this plight are viewed as the highest sin. Children come of age at 9 and are separated from their parents and perform distasteful religious service before reentering society. Cannablism is frequently performed, and outsiders are eventually converted or killed.
  • There is a small rebel sect worshiping Pamora, a goddess of hope. (Sune in the Forgotten Realms, Ehlonna in Greyhawk)
Notable NPC's:
  • Ori is the mayor of the town. He is a Rakshasas and is creepy and adventurous. He regularly terrorizes the townsfolk, who are his primary food source. 
  • Otnief Zaro a suave wizard who speaks out against the rule of Densay by Ori. Has had bad experiences, so she refuses to associate with new people. 
  • Amubas is a wealthy trader who recently survived a poisoning attempt. Although this lizard-man is grossly fat, he aspires to be a mighty warrior. 


  • Domma Portia's Secret Shop sells small charms and trinkets. Run by Domma Portia's daughter Wynna. Domia is old, but lives.
  • Nottingmoor Ranges is a bower with some selection of leather items. The proprietor is a grizzled half-elf Gwindili who's drunk more than half the time, yet holds his liquor well and keeps it close to the chest. He is a middling shot, though believes his skill is much greater. 
  • Bodhouse Mason contains a small forge where metal weapons are produced. It's run by a human smith named Exas Goodwe and his Lizard Men apprentices Sumadea and Apingin

  • Guantlet's Bar, Famous for breaded Goose. This bar is probably the most exciting place in town at night, more people gather here because of long ago enchantments that prevent overhearing other peoples conversations 
  • The Sign of the White Ogre an inn named after a nearby swamp legend. It is clean inside and has a quiet calm nightly demeanor.

  • The Green Spire is the home of Valor Enlor a powerful wizard. 
  • The Stalker Bell Campus is a small area of study of sorcerous pursuits. 
  • The Scarster Bastion is the central keep of Densay and the well fortified domain of Ori 
  • The Quartal Square is a place of astounding beauty, offset only by the public displays of punishments of the guilty. 

Men for Hire
  • Mr. Higgens, a quiet, stout, bald man who picks at his fingers with a knife. 
  • Furi Malhammer a bombastic dwarven female who is in a wheelchair. 
  • Blopti Virison is an ex-viking, who's looking to become a wizard. 
  • Kurabu is a lizard man who has better places to be. This only partially has to do with the people who want his hide. 
  • Vanka Zleska is a bigoted gypsy. She tells jokes and presents a helpful front, but is a perennial procrastinator and obstructs others. She carries a bloodstained net. 

Resources: Climate (sub-tropical), Fishing (fish), Geography (swamp), Medicinal/Alchemical Plants/Herbs, Natural Industry (Magical Workshops), Magical Resources (Ley Lines)


Obstacles: Harsh Conditions (Isolated, Near large monster lair) Corruption (Leaders), Black Wizardry, Population (Unhappy and Xenophobic Population), Religious zelotry

Adventure Seeds and Local News
  • There is some local conflict over humans not being allowed promotion to the elite guards. Several groups have gone on perilous missions in an attempt to prove their worth.
  • Cultists try to convert the adventures, or alternately the rebel worshipers attempt to recruit the characters
  • At the end of every week lots are drawn from the human and half-human population to see which members become food. Anyone capturing any outsiders may use them to defer their next selection.
  • Agralis Arymas is said to be working on a powerful enchantment that will alter the nearby landscape: He needs certain resources to complete the enchantment, alternately the enchantment has to be stopped and the resource must be destroyed.

Hack & Slash 
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  1. Adventure Seed: there's a golden and bejeweled public square! Figure out a way to loot it.

  2. Great piece! Will you be doing a HotDQ Episode 4 Remix? Used a lot of your stuff from the earlier ones.


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