On Towns: Bellchapel

This is the town of Bellchapel, population 3910. It's in the east of the Highforest, nearby some mountains (or in any forested area with (wood) elves and clay deposits nearby). It's a town of red brick, and defended well by its elven archers. Bellchapel is famous for two massive carved gates, one on the east side of the city, and the other on the north. It has a thriving trade in rare elven metalwork, and is known for its conservative hardworking population.



Lawful Good, mid-sized growing town, known for its gates and elven metalwork.

"Prudence is Industry" The north gate is named Prudence, and the east gate is called Industry. The motto is enameled in gold and enchanted to glow over the archstone of both gates.


Government: Representative government by a council of seven, of three elves and three men, with a democratic citywide open vote on the 7th seat. The seventh seat is traditionally held by an elf. Humans seats are limited to two terms of 3 years each, elves have no term limits, but may cycle their seat yearly. Elections for the 7th seat take place every 6 years.

Population: 420 human families (5 people) and assorted humans (2,229 humans total), 497 Elven households (2.2 elves) and assorted elves (1,095 elves total), 469 half-elves total, and around 5 halfling families (~25 halflings each) (117 halflings)

Languages Spoken: Common, most people know Silvanesti, Lyranesti, and Qualinesti, as well as Chondathan. You'll find a fair number who speak Illuskan, and Cormanthan. A few might speak D'tarig, and even Uloushinn.

Local Religions
  • Worship of Corellon Larethian is quite popular, with a large tree temple near the center of town, surrounded by delicate clay brickwork. 
  • There are several small shrines in the nearby woods to Rillifane Rallathil, carved into hallows of trees. 
  • There is a devoted cult to Grumbar, populated by brickworkers and brickmakers. They worship in low, squat, plain, brick buildings. These buildings are built three or four feet down into the earth, leaving only a elf height above ground. 
  • There is also a relatively loose group of people who worship at a church of Lathandar
  • Though there is no official worship service, many locals worship Mielikki.

Noteable NPC's:
  • Zander Filkoski is a Thayan Mage who runs a store called Magical Items. He is cruel and bald.  (Hu/M/W4)
  • Asham Ulmeeri is an expert crafter of jewelry. He owns Ulmeeri's Shield, a bustling craftsguild, and produces amulets, broaches, bracelets and more for sale, He is bookish and uses florid speech and long words. (1/2e/M/Expert10)
  • Belinase Adamchik is the most powerful cleric in town. She is a priest of Lathander and has strong opinions on local politics, as well as being very clean. (Hu/F/C5)
  • Benrodyr Aratári is the leader of the church of Corellon, as well as one of his paladins. He fidgets quite nervously for an elf and is always truthful. (Elf/M/Pa6)


  • Ulmeeri's Shield: Jewelry store/crafthouse, run by Asham and his wife Thame. Often hires adventurers to escort his goods to nearby trade routes.
  • Magical Items: The plainly named store, is as it appears, Small magical items (potions, scrolls, a few wands and a magical ring or amulet or two) for sale at exorbitant price or for. . .trade. Run by the Red Wizard Zander. Closed for 3 hours in the middle of the day (11-2).
  • Illustrius Remidies: An apothecaries, carrying some potions, run by the energetic half-elves, Fenwark Tiinotan and his wife Map
  • There are many jewelry shops and crafts guilds in town, but the most popular storefronts are the already listed Ulmeeri's and The Glittering Alexandrite, run by the married half-elves Pomme and Kora Urvina.
Inns: There is only Inn, in town, with less than a dozen rooms for rent, but there are several taverns. 
  • The Lock and Raven is the local inn, run by Bryman Fallacro, a human barbarian who is 6' 5" and walks with a limp (Hu/M/Bar7). He's retired, and his axe sits over the bar. They have a policy that no room may be rented more than three nights. There are only 10 rooms in the inn. He is married to a small wood elf named Amra Calaudra, no more than 4' high. (Elf/F/Com2)
  • The Great Jug, Open from 9 am to 8pm, run by the married half-elves, Brae and Wyatt Väivi. They serve several meats, a lot of wines, and a selection of non-human, beastman brews, the most popular of which is Thudrud at 1 gold a glass.
  • Equitrans's Faralin a noon to midnight pub that serves a popular pepperbread. Run by Ettard Equitrans, who has a nervious eye twitch. 
  • The Red Mead, run by Bret and Londa Delmar, who are flamboyant and a bit hefty both. They specalize in steaks and wines, along with a selection of reddish meads.

  • There's a fair bit of prostitution that legally occurs after nightlamps are lit, within the area known as the Fire Cresent, a small apostrophe shaped brick walk in a public park. A license for prostitution must be purchased from the council. Many of the independent workers receive magical beauty aids from Darla Ager (Hu/F/W2).
  • Fairwall Charnel is a bricked-off haunted part of town that no one visits or lives in. At night disgusting chewing sounds and spectral howls can be heard coming from within.
  • There's a local belief that abstaining from sex for 40 days and nights once reaching the age of majority puts you at risk for misfortune. 
Men for Hire:
  • Borb Barblug Half orc ex-lumberjack, looking to get out of town. Levels as a Barbarian/Fighter
  • Prince d'Maggot Skeleton who wears a bird mask and fine robes. Is a fighter. Wants a meat body.
  • Bryant Geary, The hawk. His face reminds you of an eagle, and his grey eyes are like liquid metal. He's got a full beard and mustache, but feminine traits. 0-level, but planning on being a wizard.
  • Corbett (longshadow if pressed) is a short man with long fingers. He is balding and wears fingerless leather gloves. Grins and laconic.
  • Norvell Longarm is strong, wears a nose ring. Shaved down the center of his head. Likes to grapple things. Brave. Smarter than he looks. Has tattoos he regrets. 
Resources: Animals (Furs), Climate Type (Sub-Artic), Geography (high, moderate, low mountains, Rolling hills), Hunting/Game (deer), Mines (Iron, gold, silver, gems), Quarry (Stone, Clay), Timber


Obstacles: Harsh Conditions (High local monster populations), Population (Xenophobic population, Judgemental population), Unquiet dead.

Adventure Seeds and Local News:
  • A new tax has been enacted on craftwork, upsetting many of the local merchants. Xaemarra Calaumystar, a prominent crafter is upset and she wants to do something about it.
  • The Council of Morticians has commissioned the building of a new Guildhouse. This might have something to do with the increased issues with undead, but Stedd Amblecrown, the head Mortician isn't talking.  
    • They are also suffering a number of setbacks, accidental deaths, and fires. Is it sabotage?
  • The Munsex Shops, a series of clothing shops, will be boarded up due to unexplained supernatural occurrences. Miri Everwood, the owners daughter has been sneaking into the shops at night to practice her summoning magic. Unknown to her, she has cursed the store, letting in evil nature spirits. Alonsid Everwood can't do business while the hauntings continue.
  • An auction of smuggled goods that the guard have recently seized will be held tomorrow outside the Lock and Raven. They belong to Ariadne Sphaerideion, a Zentarhim agent, who is going to take steps to get them back. 

Names: Jhaumrithe Moondown [Female Elf; FRCS]
Orlpar Amalith [Male Elf; FRCS]
Imizael Braegen [Female Elf; FRCS]
Saevel Eveningfall [Male Elf; FRCS]
Aravilar Amalith [Male Elf; FRCS]
Faelar Laelithar [Male Elf; FRCS]
Dorn Evenwood [Chondathan Human Male; FRCS]
Bran Stormwind [Illuskan Human Male; FRCS]
Sikhil Saqarastar [Durpari Human Male; FRCS]
Lynneth Gelebraes [Aglarondan Human Female; FRCS]
Natali Dotsk [Damaran Human Female; FRCS]
Hilur [Uluik Human Male; FRCS]
Idim Taw Harr [Shaaran Human Female; FRCS]
Aelthas Uthelienn [Aglarondan Human Male; FRCS]

Hack & Slash 
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