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Just a heads up, the chance to get the Hack & Slash Compendium I for Pay What You Want ends next Monday. The print price will also increase then from 4.99 to 6.99. In addition I've put On the Non-Player Character on sale till then, at over 50% off!
50% off in Print at Lulu.
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That's not all, I've updated a reference card with instructions on using On the Non-Player Character with 5th edition!

So if you're curious about a method of resolving social situations via player skill, rather than by personal social skill or character skill, or you're looking for a mechanical solution to provide objectivity for social interactions and relies on your ability to gather information and make intelligent choices, then check it out now before the sale ends!

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At RPGnow!
So if you want to pick up either of these great books, now is the time!

Look at this sweet reference .pdf for 5th edition! It's purdy! It's all on one page!

You can check out the other handouts and forms for the book here!

Curious about what's in the book? You can see a lot of examples under the On the Non-Player Character tag!

Reviews at Paper & Pencils, Gorgonmilk, Deep Delving, and Necropraxis.

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  1. Oh man! I've been wanting to pick up On The Non-player Character since you first released it! Thanks for the sale!! :D

  2. The 5e DC's seem really high, especially for the reaction roll. A 6 on a d20 is roughly equivalent to a 6 on 2d6, but you're requiring a DC 15 (roughly equivalent to an 8 on 2d6) just to get to Indifferent, and a nearly-impossible DC 25 to get to Friendly. (Converting 2d6 to 1d20 is discussed here: http://www.sarna.net/wiki/User:LRichardson/Essays/2d6_to_1d20_Conversion)

    1. The 2d6 reaction chart gives a ~3% chance to receive a friendly result (12). A first level character has a 5% chance of succeeding at the reaction roll and getting a friendly reaction (getting an natural 20).

      This makes it more likely.

  3. Something like this seems like it would be more typical:


    1. Typical?

      I should tell you, I've been playing 5e now for about a year. You have forgotten about expertise. Characters will usually have +5 on their Charisma stat that take Persuasion/Deception. In addition, their proficiency bonus runs from +4 to +12.

      This means their lower bound is 10. That's the worst roll they can make at level 1. They roll a 1, and have a 10. A middling number (10) gives them a 20 at first level.

      You can run it this way, but in the original system, the difficulties were supposed to be more difficult than that for even charismatic people.


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