On the Hack & Slash Compendium Volume I


You know all those backgrounds I wrote? I collected them in a .pdf, and affordable hard copy!

Hack & Slash Compendium I at RPGnow at 3.99!
Hack & Slash Compendium I at Lulu at 7.99$!
  • 62+ Pages of content!
  • d30 Table of Backgrounds! (Including the ones from the PHB)
  • Hotlinked .pdf!
  • New illustration of the Quantum Ogre
  • Public domain illustrations for the backgrounds!
  • A Guide for New Dungeon Masters!
  • The Scene in Adventure Design!
  • Avoiding the Deadly Difference!
  • Objective Design, Player Types
  • The complete Quantum Ogre series!
  • 17 backgrounds (19 for Patreons)

The price of Pay What You Want and 4.99$ for the print copy are for a limited time only.

Soon, they will return to their standard prices, which are higher than free!

But wait! There's more!

Patreons of my blog can get the .pdf, now and always for free. Not Pay What You Want. Not Watermarked. Totally 100% free. It's here at this link. (You can only see that link if you're a Patreon!) They can also, now and forever, get a print copy at cost.

Also: The Patreon edition has 2 extra backgrounds I wrote: Outlaw and Physician.

This is the first of many collections, which is made possible by the support given to me by my Patreons. Their support is why I was able to write these backgrounds, provide the .pdf to you, as well as spend next week talking about my improvements to Hoard of the Dragon Queen. This print on demand zine exists because of the patreon goal that was reached.

If you like the blog, consider joining the supporters and becoming a Patreon, a great group of people making gaming content available!


  1. Great deal on the print copy -- going in the cart! Love the cover, Courtney.

  2. Cool. Now I just have to convince my GM to allow third-party content in our game.

  3. Just read - good, concise dm-ing advice, as always. Great to have it in a single document. Thanks for putting this together. Great resource!

  4. Is there no longer a pay what you want or 4.99 print version option? Thanks.

    1. As it says in the post: "The price of Pay What You Want and 4.99$ for the print copy are for a limited time only."


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