On 5e Background: Farmer

In addition to being useful for 5e background generation, I'm including in the future a short block at the end for using these straight up in OSR style games!

You worked the land for many years, or perhaps even owned a farm of your own. For some reason, that path is closed to you know. Maybe your farm was razed. Maybe days of work under the hot sun no longer appealed to you. In any case, you sold what you could and equipped yourself for a more exciting future.

Skill Proficiency: Intelligence (Nature) and Wisdom (Animal Handling);
Tool Proficiency: Farmer's Tools (New tools, Proficiency bonus applies to growing/harvesting crops), Vehicles, Land
Equipment: 2 Chickens. A pig OR a goat. Common Clothes, Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket, Pole (10 foot), Tinderbox, 10 Torches, Shovel or Rake or Hoe

Specialty: There are a variety of types of farming you could have expertise in.
1) Vineyard Farmer
2) Ranching
3) Rice farming
4) Wheat/Grain Farming
5) Subsistence Farmer
6) Dairy Farms
7) Poultry Farms
8) Prison Farms


You have worked the land for years. In any area of civilization you can always find free boarding from a local for you and your companions. It may not always be the best lodging, sometimes it means sleeping on the floor of a barn, but you never worry about being turned out. It also allows you and your companions to perform day labor, feeding and housing you for the day in addition to earning 1d4 silver pieces each.

Suggested Characteristics:

A farmer knows the land. He sees death and life every day and understands that they are part of the natural cycle of things. People who complain about hardship always seem to you, to be the ones that never experienced any. You see that people who put on airs have just the same kinds of problems as the working folk, only with more money.

d8 Personality

  1. I'm harsh and unforgiving like the land.
  2. I know that no man is an island, and you have to work together in order to survive.
  3. The more money you have, the less sense you make.
  4. I take joy in the simple things and the present moment. The future will take care of itself.
  5. Life is endless toil and I hate it. I didn't quit farming to do more boring work.
  6. I know what's inside animals and I know the same things are inside people. This is funny, but other people don't seem to think so.
  7. I've only ever lived on my farm and only the only things I know about the big, wide, world are the things my mee-maw told me. I like to share the things she says.
  8. I always liked drinking more than farming. 

d6 Ideal
  1. Curiosity: I want to see the whole world (Chaos)
  2. Balance: Life and death are natural cycles and must be respected (Neutral)
  3. Stability: I want to make the world a safer place. (Lawful)
  4. Conservative: I think things that are different are dangers. (Lawful)
  5. Hateful: I fear unusual and different things, they must be destroyed (Evil) 
  6. Nonchalant: I don't really want to be engaged in anyone's drama. (Unaligned)

d6 Bond
  1. I have a family and homestead that I care for. 
  2. One of my livestock, isn't just livestock. He's a special friend.
  3. I want to keep my past secret. No one can know I'm just a lowly farmer
  4. My farm was burned to the ground, and now I seek revenge against the man who did it.
  5. My wife and family were killed by bandits. ("When you've waited 15 years to find a man, it's a shame you can only kill him once")
  6. I once lost my dog. He was a good dog, and maybe he's still out there somewhere.

d6 Flaw
  1. I can't get too worked up over whether things die or live.
  2. I was a bonded servant and escaped. I still owe a man 3 years.
  3. I'm intolerant of anyone not of my race or culture
  4. I'm naive, and don't understand what things are going on around me normally, and assume everyone is friendly and means well
  5. I have a serious illness or disease that I keep well hidden
  6. I don't much care for bathing or hygiene and am usually covered in filth.
OSR Package
Running a B/X game? Give these advantages instead of proficiency and features. You can alos give these bonuses if running a 5e game using 3d6 for character generation.
  • Give a +2 bonus to Constitution, gain proficiency with any farming implement as a weapon and do 1d6 damage with it in combat.

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  2. I like the Farmer background write up.

    The previous comment is odd. I like that it at least used the mustard seed parable instead of the Fishers of Men meme. Seeds are much more applicable to Farmer background. Also that word, predestined, it doesn't mean what the poster thinks it means. If you are predestined, you don't need to join. And if you aren't predestined it doesn't matter if you join. Calvinists are so funny.

  3. Very nice. Consider it copy and pasted!


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