On Megadungeon Art

Megadungeons aren't just dungeons. They are paths we follow. There are many ways we can go, but the choices we make and the areas we explore make up the substance of our lives.

They are a literal fictional representation of a journey through life. That is part of their appeal.

Lo Kyung-me gets this. She's a young Korean illustrator living in New York City who works with blank ink on silk and paper. Take a look.

A Long Divorce
Her Tumblr can be found at Sunflower Cat
Here she talks about some of her work

"My first drawing ‘A Long Divorce’ was unplanned  –meaning no thumbnail drawing or mapped structure. Over a period of three months, I drew whatever came to mind that day. In a way, the piece serves as a diary from that time. I was very anxious during that time.  I think it comes out in the drawing."

A Megadungeon is our journey.

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