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Collectible Coin from the Snarfquest Kickstarter
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You know what? People drift in and out of fandoms. But sometimes fans stay fans of something even when it's not very popular.

Well, that was me. I was the guy trying to get a D&D group together from 1995-2000 before the release of 3rd edition.

You know what my "resources" were back then? A list-serve with about 80 people on it, some net-books TSR was attempting to eradicate, and a few deadish usenet groups.

So let me tell you we are living in a golden age. We are at a high water point right now, but I think we've all lived long enough to agree that it won't stay that way forever.

Hey. Hey guys. Hey.

You know what I'm excited about?

I'm SO excited.

It's not just that they are actually releasing a good binding of the already funded Snarfquest Graphic Novel, that I'm purchasing for a replacement for the gluebound copy that my brother took from me and has on his shelf. OH NO JORDAN. It's not just that.

They are recasting the snarfquest miniatures.

This is awesome for so many reasons.

First, is that I find it hard to believe that cleaning the molds and recasting the figures and selling them for near to their original purchase price (22$ for 11 figures) is in any way profitable. They aren't recasting the miniatures to make money at it -- Current age me is going to get something 11 year old me could never afford!

Second, releasing the miniatures at 1985 prices instead of 2014 prices? WHAT GOLDEN AGE MADNESS IS THIS!?!


This is one of my formative experiences of my gaming youth, from the mind-squid getting a wish to communicate with every living thing, to the interjection of advanced technology to a fantasy setting, to the capture and unfortunate mix-up of a dragon with more than one personality. Also, Gagglezoomer!

Wasn't there another Snarfquest kickstarter last year?

That was to fund a full-color sequel. Which happened! They weren't reprinting the original, and so many people asked, they decided to digitally remaster it and bind it nicely. That's this, an opportunity to pick up the original Snarfquest. You can add the sequel to your order of the rebound original!

Snarfquest sounds dumb.

It is a comic entirely drawn by Larry Elmore. It's in my top 5 all time best graphic novels. If you're curious what else is in that list, it shares space with Sandman, Metabarons/Incal, and Elfquest.

Maybe I'll do something about this later. . .

THERE'S ONLY A FEW HOURS LEFT. All the work is done. You are basically just pre-ordering your copy of one of the most entertaining comics ever.

I live in Canada/Outside the US.

This this is totally unfortunate for you if you are trying to back kickstarters! It's another 20$ for non-united states shipping which sucks but is likely the reality of getting the project shipped to other countries.

The pledge levels are super friendly. Back whatever you want and you can add anything you wish as an add-on, or even trade something out if you have something from the earlier campaign for the sequel.

I'm super excited about it and wanted to share! I don't normally do this at all. Have a good weekend.

Get a copy of Snarfquest!

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I almost missed it!

  2. Just went hardcover/full color stories in back without hitting the stretch goals!!!


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