On a Magical Shield

A shield provides protection, but it can do so much more.

+Joel Priddy asked in the OSR community about a set of creative magic shields to go along with our interesting magic weapons.

This is that post!

Arcane Band

This is a golden bracer worn on the forearm. It appears to be covered in some sort of flexible transparent tube, surrounding the entire bracer out to a few millimeters. When worn, a floating disc of translucent purple force surrounds the wearer providing protection as a basic shield. This operates independently of wearer action allowing even those unskilled with shield to receive the armor bonus.

Hypnosis Shield

As an action the shield bearer can activate the shield, turning the black and white spiral on the front. All who fail a save versus paralyzation fall motionless, captivated by the shield. Any who fail the save will take no action other than following the shield-holder at half their movement speed. Any attack against the targets, obvious danger presented to the targets or a successful attack against the shield-holder will snap them out of their reverie.

Throwing Shield

The shield appears to be a regular shield with a series of concentric rings of red and blue surrounding an astral star. On any round in which you miss with your primary melee attack, you can throw your shield at a nearby target, though not at one you are in combat with. On a successful hit, the target takes 1-4 damage and must save versus Paralyzation or be knocked prone. The shield then returns to your arm immediately.

Shield of Terror

This shield has the face of a man. Once a day the face may come alive and yell at the opponents. This can have one of three effects. The yelling can cause an immediate morale check. This carries no cost. The other options are the face can become hideous and terrifying, casting fear at your opponents, but the cost is drained from your life force. You take 1d4 damage for each creature affected by the fear (all targets in a 200 degree arc in front of the shield out to 30') You must also make a save versus death or permanently lose a single hit point. The final ability of the shield is to shout. All targets in a 30 degree cone out to thirty feet take 2d8 points of sonic damage and fragile object must save or be broken. However the user retains a ringing in their ears, causing total deafness for an hour, and a penalty to their hearing of -1 for the space of 24 hours. This affects surprise rolls, listen checks, and can cause spell failure.

No matter which effect is activated by the Shield of Terror, it can only be activated once a day.

Shield of Towers (Coward Shield)

This is a normal small metal shield in the shape of a square. If the wielder kneels, and tries to cover their body with the shield a strange yellow force extends out from the edges of the shield. It produces a barrier slightly larger than a tower shield, providing full cover to the person "cowering" and one additional person. The wielder can take no other action other than "cowering" or the effect disappears.

Shield of Utility

This is a normal large metal shield with the image of a large pillar on the front. When set out in front of the user facing down, it floats within 5' of the wielder about 4' off the ground. It can hold approximately 200 pounds. As the magic user spell floating disc.

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