On an Abundance of Spikes

I guess it's magic item and gear week on Hack and Slash. More designs for your perusal. . .

Rope Ladder, Flittermouse
BSC:15%(R)gp:175 gp
DC:25TTC:4 days
CC:9CGP::90 gp
NWP:-6XP:10 xp
D100:-10%Weight:15 lbs.
D6:1 in 6 /6Difficulty:Very Hard

Materials: Rare Earth (1 dram),  Griffon Feather/ Flight Essence (1 dram) 
Description: This is a rope sculpture knotted in the form of a bat. When tossed in the air, it will fly unerringly to any target within 60´ and attempt to attach itself. It can attach to stone, rock, hook to ledges or other surfaces easily. If the surface is a metal such as steel, it must save versus crushing blow. On a success the Flittermouse ladder fails to attach. Once attached, a 60´ rope ladder unfurls, falling down. It takes one turn to reknot the Flittermouse Rope Ladder for a second use.

Spike, Silent
BSC:30%(R)gp:500 gp
DC:22TTC:10 days
CC:6CGP::200 gp
NWP:-3XP:10 xp
D100:+5%Weight:- / 2 
D6:2 in 6 /5Difficulty:Hard

Materials: Pitons (10),  Powdered Silver (5 drams)
Description: An alchemist can create specially treated spikes. When used, climbed on, hammered into a surface or interacted with in any way, they produce no sound. They also completely absorb any sound made from them being driven into a surface.
A 5 pound package of 10 is made for the price.

Spike, Self-Driving
BSC:15%(R)gp:600 gp
DC:25TTC:12 days
CC:9CGP::350 gp
NWP:-6XP:10 xp
D100:-10%Weight:- / 2
D6:1 in 6 /6Difficulty:Very Hard

MaterialsPitons (10),  Powdered Gold (5 drams)
Description: These spikes require no hammer to drive themselves in. They are placed in the appropriate position and triggered. One round later a bright flame shoots out the back and the spike drives itself into the ground, drilling as it goes. This is somewhat quiet, producing little sound, but a very bright light. These spikes can be used as a dagger to attack. They do 1-4 points of damage on a hit, and the next round begin to drill into an opponent doing 1-4 damage from drilling and 1-4 damage from flame. The target also must save versus paralyzation or be dazzled by the bright light for 1 round, having a -1 on attack rolls. Activating it after hitting an opponent with it requires a successful touch attack.

Spike, Locking
BSC:15%(R)gp:800 gp
DC:25TTC:16 days
CC:9CGP::450 gp
NWP:-6XP:25 xp
D100:-10%Weight:- / 2
D6:1 in 6 /6Difficulty:Very Hard

MaterialsPitons (10),  Ghast Claw/ Stasis Essence (1 dram),

Description: These spikes are quite useful. They are enchanted so that when they spike a door closed, the door is affected by the spell Wizard Lock. Each spike can only be used once, it’s enchantment vanishing after it is used to magically hold a door closed. The effect ends if the spike is removed, but persists otherwise without end.

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  1. Sounds like must have items for Barrowmaze!

  2. That self-driving spike would never, ever be used for its first purpose :)

  3. Silent spikes! That's brilliant. I think my players would be totally excited by those.


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