On the Heroic Murderhobo

You know, I want to play a game about weirdos and social failures who decide the only way to survive is to risk their lives against monsters in order to become crazy heroes.

But I also want my players to feel like they are destined to become the heroes in those books instead of shrieking pantywaists who pooped themselves because skeletons are terrifying in basic/expert.

I think this idea is a good middle ground.

If they are heroes, even if they start off as psychotic dirt farmers, then the gods watch out for them.

The Danger Sense

Any time they are threatened by an unseen danger or about to make a terrible mistake, allow them a saving throw against Petrification. On a successful save, they get a premonition of danger. This save is modified based on their race or class. Underground races get a +2 in dungeons and underground but a -2 everywhere else. Fighters get a +2 versus combat threats and a -2 versus traps. Rogues and thieves get a +2 versus traps or when scouting alone, but have a penalty when in a group. Clerics get a +2 versus things that oppose their gods alignment, etc. The Dungeon Master may roll this save in secret.

On a successful save, they become aware of the location and type of threat and may respond a split second before the rest of the party. This rule is inspired by a letter to Dragon magazine from Chris Meyer in issue #63.

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  1. This is actually the exact premise of Torchbearer. They're not heroes yet, but they're so broke they have to venture into the unknown wilds and risk becoming one. If nothing else, they won't be so broke all the time.

  2. I really like that the +s and -s aren't all opposed. And more class differences and niche protection's welcome. The only question I have is: what is a split second? What can you do in it? Okay, that's two questions. Still. The concern being that such specific bonuses and penalties are hard enough to remember and track as is; is it worth doing so for a +2 bonus when the reward is... what?

    1. Well, it's like, what would the class get a bonus for. They aren't prescriptive, just descriptive.

      I would say it's enough time for the character to act.

  3. Talking is a free action. Could they warn other characters in time for the other characters to benefit from the warning?

  4. The opening line of this post made me think of "Billy" from Adventure Time...


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