On A Board Game of Thrones

So our regular Dungeon Master was out of town this last weekend. We took the opportunity to engage in some board gaming!

We played, Game of Thrones the boardgame.

It's really very good.

It looks long, complicated, and slow. It isn't. It plays fast and interesting.

Play goes as follows.

  • Draw and follow the instructions on a series of 3 cards.
  • Everyone simultaneously places orders for all their lands face down. Feel free to talk, cajole, or convince the other players what you're doing and what they should do. 
  • Everything is flipped up and resolved in order. 

The actual resolution of events is very fast. This means for most of the two to four hour playing time, you are heavily engaged in discussion, treachery, planning, and manipulation.

You are literally playing a game of thrones.

It was very fun. We have plans to play it again.

Some thoughts:

  • The instruction manual was pretty good for a FFG game. We spent some time flipping back and forth to figure out the function of star tokens, and some things were not clear (such as when new troops were mustered) but as instruction booklets go, it was passable.
  • A huge missed opportunity in calling it the BOARD GAME OF THRONES. 
  • It's a euro style race game - first person to 7 castles or the most castles at the end of 10 turns. 
  • The influence tracks are a  neat idea. The Iron throne decides between ties, which is super powerful, but the others influence ties in combat and how many special icons you can use.
  • Although I've read most of the books, I am not a fan and do not watch the TV series. 

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  1. This game has lead to some serious vendettas in my gaming group. Pickpocketing each others' phones to read the messages is a common occurrence.

  2. Hmm, you played the Second Edition, I suspect? I own the original edition, so this "drawing of the three cards" mechanic sounds like a revision to the rules. then again, I haven't played the game for a good long time, unfortunately. But I'm pretty sure that resolution mechanic isn't a part of the 1st edition...but I agree, it's a good game, no matter what edition!


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