On Iconic Characters in Dungeons & Dragons: Sheila

Leandro Franci
She's a red-headed shrinking violet in a purple outfit, terrified of being alone, and is a bit sweet on Hank. Also, invisibility. There really isn't a lot to say about Sheila, other than the fact that obviously she was a fan favorite. This may or may not have anything to do with thigh-high boots and her Zettai Ryouiki..
Paul Adams

At the start of the series she is 13 years old, but the series runs for several years, and they have yet to leave the realm. . . it is certainly best to assume that many of these images portray Sheila as she will be.


Sheila Human Female Rogue 7th AL: NG
S: 10 D: 18 C: 17 I: 14 W: 13 Ch: 15 HP: 48
Feats: Skill Focus (Use Magic Device), Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Rapier)
Equipment: +2 Mithral Shirt, ring of protection +1, two masterwork rapiers, Cloak of Invisibility (Invisibility as the spell 5/day, greater invisibility 2/day for 1d4 rounds, Sheila needs a free hand to activate the cloak, if damaged while invisible Sheila becomes visible and the cloak stops functioning for 2d4 rounds), potion of cure moderate wounds, scroll of raise dead, scroll of sanctuary, wand of cure moderate wounds (25 charges), some normal gear



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  1. (I've been watching the series 1 episode per week to recreate that "Saturday morning cartoon" feeling, only a couple more episodes left.)

    Although easily overlooked by the more "flashy" characters, Sheila is the GLUE that holds the group together. Her essential kindness and friendliness smooths out tensions between the other characters,and defuses potential trouble with strangers (sometimes even turning foes into friends). Her ability to avoid capture has saved the group many times. Like with the others, Dungeon Master chose her signature item to reflect something of her nature - she is unsure of herself and her usefulness. She is in the background, when trouble comes her first instinct is to "vanish", but she will always "reappear" when the chips are down.

    1. I know this is a forgotten four-year-old comment, but I just wanted to say it was very thoughtful and so true.


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