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I saw someone mention in a thread about the great new One Page Dungeons Patreon that they were "burned out" on Patreon, because they saw someone charging per blog post!

So I figured I'd take a minute and review some facts.

A) None of the blog posts made on this blog since January would exist without Patreon. Circumstances would have forced me to devote my writing time to something with the hope of profit, rather than continuing to blog.

B) Somehow all of the money earned so far has been paid or earmarked for the community, including Matt's maps, Mark's monsters, and the aforementioned One-Page Adventure, as well as being paid to artists and writers in the community for project like the forthcoming +Perdition from yours truly.

C) By my count, eliminating my patrons, over a thousand of you are still getting to enjoy the blog free of charge!

D) The only other option is "monthly" and if it's handled that way, then I'm not paid for what I do.

The real thought behind "I don't want to pay for blog posts" is that writing isn't a difficult skill. Everyone can write, so why should I pay you for it? Only a cursory examination is required to see the flaw in that statement. I mean, why do some blogs have more followers than others?

The great thing about Patreon is that no one has to pay! The people that are fans continue to support my totally free content.

Let's look at what exists and wouldn't have otherwise:

Hack & Slash Quarterly

On the Deadly Difference - Having fun shouldn't be a mystery.
On Encounters, Rumors, and Foreshadowing - A new way of looking at sandboxes.
On Old School Pathfinder - Freshening up with that old school smell!


On Thief Magic Abilities, Theubaz, A Basic Class - A magic using thief? No. A thief with spell slots for thief abilities.
On a Light and Dark Age - A surprising look at the light age features of Dungeons and Dragons.
On the Magic Abracadabra - Our speech creates, our speech destroys. 
On the Monte Haul Dungeon - Where have all the 110th level fighters/88th level wizards/107th level clerics gone?
On Death and Dying in Dungeons & Dragons - Making sure that's the last time they leave the corpse of a companion in the dungeon.
On Ability Auctions - A new way to begin a campaign.
On the OSR versus TSR eras - A look at some cross-generational searches.


On Heroism - Eliminating risk eliminates heroism.
On Character Skill versus Player Skill - What is player skill and how is it used?
On the Effects of Third Edition Design - Great features from a classic game.
On the Rates of Success - Despite all our rage, we are just rats in a cage, but with d20's instead of bars to press.
On Advancement Mechanics, Experience - Driving player behavior to match the type of game you want to play.
On The Sublimity of Fourth Edition - Great features from a modern game!?

Bazaar of the Bizarre

On Insect Crossbreeds - Yeah, that's no orc. . .
On Magical +1 Swords - Explaining why your new sword smells like an Otyugh.
On Magical +1 Weapons - Explaining why you keep yelling in orcish when you roll damage.
On Wands, Dues Redux - It has how many charges again?

Reader Mail

On Reader Mail, Find Traps skill - How do you use the find traps thief skill and maintain player agency?
On Reader Mail, The Lying NPC - How do you deal with the lying non-player character?


A look at the forthcoming journey to hell. . .
On What a Devil Is? - Hell changes you.
On What a Demon Is? - And the tower must be torn down.
On Living in a Dungeon - 800 square feet and low rent!
On a Devil Patron, Dauthaz - What power can you get from your devil lord?

Regular Columns

Effects of Magic

Effects of Magic, 6th level Wizard
Effects of Magic, 7th level Wizard

Monsters that Were

On the Monsters that Were: Curst
On the Monsters that Were, Spinescale
On the Monsters That Were: Slinger


On the Ecology of the Wyvern
On the Ecology of the Xorn
On the Ecology of the Yeti

Thursday Trick

On the Thursday Trick, Props: Codes and Hidden Messages Part I

Iconic Characters

On Iconic Characters in Dungeons & Dragons: Sheila
On Iconic Characters in Dungeons & Dragons: Lolth (Lloth)
On Iconic Characters in Dungeons & Dragons: Warduke

Early Tropes

On Early Tropes, Requiem, Unaired Final Episode of Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon

Top 10 lists

On the Top 10, err 20 Really Disgusting Contents of a Goblin Bag

Wednesday Reviews

On Threshold #2: A review

You can thank my Patrons for the above content! This post is in honor of them and free!

Hack & Slash
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  1. People bitch about pretty much everything these days. The non-thinking group that complains about paying for blog posts don't even have a valid complaint. Because you continue to offer your posts for free. Patreon is a virtual tip jar. I like your posts and the quality of your content cannot be denied and that's why I am a supporter of yours. I don't mind shelling out a little to you and Matt and some of the others to support what you guys do. If someone doesn't want to contribute, no biggie, but don't bitch about having a tip jar on the table. Keep up the great posts.

    1. Seconded. There's constructive criticism, and then there's just being angry and having to share it with everyone.

      I think my favorites from this quarter were "On Heroism" and "On Encounters, Rumors, and Foreshadowing".

  2. Thirded. Keep it up man! Never be afraid to ask for what you're worth.

  3. It's obvious to me you put an incredible amount of effort into your posts. This blog engages me and makes me ponder how to better myself as a GM and designer. You have a plethora of content perfect for any GM having a writer's block. I see absolutely no fault in supporting the blog financially.


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