On the Top 10, err 20 Really Disgusting Contents of a Goblin Bag

What does the goblin have in his bag?

Let the players discover why that is a stupid, stupid, question.

This is not a pleasant list!! I suggest you don't read it as quickly as possible!

1. Vomit
2. 1d8 gnawed fingers
3. Rotting meat covered in maggots
4. His feces collection
5. A handful of rotten teeth
6. Filthy string
7. Spores
8. His scab collection
9. Giant ball of nose mucus
10. Silverfish or House Centipedes
11. Brain matter
12. A mummfied fox head
13. A used love doll, shaped like a fruit
14. His toenail collection
15. A doll of a small child with oversized and super-realistic genitalia
16. A bezoar
17. An abstract sculpture using human flesh, teeth, and hair
18. A bag of fetal rats
19. A petrified animal penis
20. Pile of snakeskin and insect molting shells

Why did I write that!?

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1 comment:

  1. A lot of collections in his bag. The sick aide of my brain can't help but imagine when the goblins get together to have their collections in their bags evaluated - in Antique's Roadshow fashion. HOST: "What did you pay for that giant ball of boogers?" Goblin collector: "I enherited it from my granny and have done some additional work on it too." HOST:"Well that may hurt the value a bit - it's usually best to not attempt repairs on old pieces like this. Still, in the right goblin sh/t hole, you could possibly get 30 copper for this on the right day. Much nicer find than the toenails we saw earlier."
    sorry. It's late and my mind gets goofy. Nice list though.


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