On the Monte Haul Dungeon

Some people say that there is no change in the industry.

Where's the Monte Haul games?

You might be aware that hundreds of people are playing games online and taking their characters from game to game every week.

Not once have I run into a level 90 wizard/fighter/cleric that has killed an entire pantheon of gods.

In the discussions I've had online, the general consensus seems to be that old TSR modules (G series, etc.) are really the places to go to get magical items and wealth.

I often have characters enter my game with several powerful items, but there are always drawbacks. Subarnu has dirty filthy stained rags that cover his body but act as plate mail. When people relate their home games they never talk about crazy power levels and Monte Haul campaigns.

Are we done with insecure Dungeon Masters that run Monte Haul games to keep players from leaving? Are we done with greedy players? Are we not interested in fighting and killing entire pantheons of gods?

Is the Era of the Monte Haul dungeon ended?

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  1. I think that one thing to consider is that these days, if a gaming group wants to play crazy epic stuff, there are systems that specifically do that. (Anima for example, to mention but one amongst countless.) So when all is said and done, people who still play D&D play it at its 'typical' power level.

  2. The Monty Haul game is alive and well in that cesspool know as /r/dnd, which is Reddit's D&D community, for those not in the know.

  3. As much as people bust on 4e, it did codify in the rules the "right" level of magic items to confer upon a party as they leveled up. This was both pro and a con in that you *had* to give the party a certain number of magic items for the combat math to work as they gained levels, or else encounter balance was all out of whack.

    So, it was good in that it provided a solid template on what was level appropriate to put in an encounter, but bad in that if you wanted a low-magic-weapon campaign, it took a but more work to balance encounters after level 6 or so.

    1. PS -- if you really wanted Monte Haul weapons, Barrier Peaks and White Plume were the shizzle. Wave, Whelm and Black Razor (i.e. - Stormbringer re-skinned) could take down a pantheon.

  4. As long as there are 12-year old DMs, there will be Monty Haul... and god love 'em. It's how most of us came into this hobby, right?

  5. For me, Monty Haul was an age thing, not a style thing. Monty Haul was the result of being 13, 14, 15, not because we wanted to play "Monty Haul" style.


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