On the Monsters that Were: Curst


This monster by Ed Greenwood shows up again in a book called Mythic Races as open content with some changes.

It's interesting, because they are very much a race of Mary/Marty Sues.

Mostly immune to magic, having whatever class levels the DM wishes, 85% magic resistance, immune to mental attacks, fire, cold, and life drain, and effectively immune to death.

You see, they are cursed.

Yes, there is a stipulation that they will act despondently and strangely 1 in 20 rounds. But mostly they are immortal killing machines. Sometimes immortal killing machines infested with rot grubs.

That said, the idea of a deathless opponent, one who you can communicate with, one that you cannot destroy has interest. Especially since they can be created from extant creatures in your campaign with a bestow curse and a wish.

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  1. Maybe created to punish annoying characters who breezed through most monsters too easily? Or just old school DM player hate? It does certainly have it's place if used properly.

  2. I remember the Cusrt version from Mythic Races. I actually adored some of the ideas in that book, even though I hated the "EL" system in 3rd edition with a fiery, burning passion.

    If I still have a copy, it might be worth trying to scale them back to B/X.

  3. So Elminster's actually a curst? That would explain it.


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