On What a Demon Is?

What is a Demon?

You are free.

You are free in ways no one else is. And yet, when you would exert your privilege-- no! Your right to be free. Someone would deign to stop you.

Before you were beauty and wrath and chaos, you came from either formless nothingness or the dull tragedy of drudgery, laboring ceaselessly against an unnatural applied order in every area of your life. 

This person is your superior. This person is your inferior. This is the way we do things. This is right. This is wrong.

Every answer, every rule, every specification is a lie!

There is no natural order! There are infinite worlds and realms and anything is possible! The universe is vast and infinite and any rule--any rule --is just some sort of local norm that exists in a temporary and transitory fashion. Rules, laws, order, all are meaningless lies designed to suppress the beauty and ecstasy of freedom.

You exist. You revel in it. To break apart their world. To cause terror, fear, and chaos. To show them, the world they believe in is a lie. There is no greater pleasure in existence than the look of horror on their face as they confront the reality of all. You have set them free.

You are their savior who will bathe in their blood and destroy everything they have ever known. Who else will murder their children and then chase them in the bodies of their own spawn to release their minds from bondage? Who will dissolve the very 'laws' of reality that the depend on to save them from a prison of their own suffering? Who else will show them the way?

You are free.

Hack & Slash
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