On the Monsters That Were: Slinger


Instead of a description followed by combat stats, you get itemized lists of effects, attacks and the like.

This is a tiny six-inch long reptile with a ten-inch tail.

Apparently, its scales means only its very tinny tiny eyes are vulnerable, and it's immune to all piercing and slashing weapons except crossbows due to their inability to penetrate (including "swords").

Oh, it flings barbed spines, walks on walls with a speed of 20", "always have the advantage in hand-to-hand combat", leaps 10 feet, hit with a 90% chance regardless of armor if within 4", and you know, save or die poison.

Apparently they attack any creature within 50' because they are territorial. And when I say attack, I mean "emits a musk-like scent that will cause the other slingers in the colony to attack".

It gives some advice to adventurers!

  • Don't touch!
  • Stay 50' away and pick them off with a crossbow!
  • Throw a captured creature (or a disliked party member) into the nest and bypass them in the confusion!

Sounds like fun at parties.

It's not all deadliness and immunities though. Slingers are totally susceptible to fire, both natural and magical. Apparently you can "try [your] luck" by wading in in full armor with a mace. "A sound blow from a mack(sic) will not crack the slinger's scales, but will do enough internal damage to kill the slinger." Or, you know, 10% to hit the eyes. Or getting their musk and using it against them to cause them to attack each other.

But you know, 200 gold per live slingers who can be milked for their antidoteless poison, and 50 gp per corpse. And if you kill enough (20-25) you can make 1/2 weight plate from their hides.
From Dragon Magazine #28, Page 50

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  1. Every time I think my monsters are too mean, I find something like this...


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