On a Moment in Time

This blog post does more to determine the future then any blog post I've written to date.

First, a tale of woe.

The Death of the Sickly Purple Death Ray

Once, at the start of a Renaissance there was a beacon of light.

It produced a lot of content, good content. Maps, new art by Russ Nicholson, Encounters, Rooms, and more.

Then, it planned even more. It said "I've been sick to death of elves, dwarfs, and hobbits for the longest time. I want to mix things up. To that end, I'm aiming to channel some serious Brian Aldiss and Richard Corben. It's high time that the fringe got some fresh exposure. I'm going to start with some modules."

And then, four years ago, their company page went up, and their blog went dark. Their last post was October 10, 2010.

A Cautionary Narrative

Hack & Slash, eh? What's it good for?

"I must admit that out of all the old school blogs out there, yours has transformed my game / DMing skills more than any other." -NPG

"I'm just writing to say that your blog is a very valuable resource to me, and for many others I'm sure. I've used picked up a lot of good ideas and DMing techniques that have certainly improved my campaigns." -TM

Last year, For Hack & Slash, I published an Index, 176 posts, 450 pages and over 110,000 words of content while holding down a full time job and having a wife and one year old daughter. (I love my family! They game with me!) Not quite a full gaming magazine a month, I am but one man!

A greedy man might think to himself, "Maybe I should stop putting all this out there for free?"

Well, to hell with that guy, I think he's a jerk. 

I don't want to do that. I want to keep writing the blog. I like gaming, reading about gaming, and our community. Lets take a second and just look at some of the stuff that came out, just in the last week! A new class for FLAIL SNAILS, Gameplay theory about heroism in play, and Insect humanoid crossbreeds. How about some regular columns, like Iconic Figures, Ecology articles, or maybe Classic Tropes? How about special series, like the investigatory journalism Principled Profit or perhaps the Effects of Magic Series?

All of which, you got, for free. 

      Patreon Supported Content!
  • Illustrated Hexmaps
  • Dungeon Rooms
  • More Trap Agency
  • More of the regular columns
  • New Theory
  • NPC's to meet (illustrated)
  • Numenhalla, Perdition, and
    other traditional publishing
    venture previews
  • And more!
But reality is taking its toll, and to continue or even increase this output of published content, I've created and am running a Patreon campaign. And really, I want to do more. I want to continue to publish and make this content freely available to our community. I have so many ideas, so many uptapped options -- let's not be abstract. My shortlist idea document for the blog is three pages of single line, single-spaced ideas and grows all the time. More alchemical items, NPC write ups, Pictures and Maps, the list is pretty large. This doesn't even mention what I'm going to get to do when we hit the Patreon Goals, like 5 blog posts a week, guaranteed, collected .pdf's of content, online hangouts to talk about posts or gaming, or even full time production of content. 

Also, and this is the important part, It even allows me to reward those who support me! 

If you want to be a part of opening up the faucet of content, join the other backers on Patreon. And if you get writer's commentary on the blog posts, or secret looks and scans of my private Dungeon Master notebooks, well, that's just between you and me and the wall. 

Come join us! Support my Patreon campaign and work with me to create an even more spectacular 2014.


  1. How does paying for Patreon work? Can I pay a chunk of cash and have that sent to you as you post stuff or is it strictly bunches of little micropayments being chargef to me a few times a week?

    1. It collects all the payments in a given month and charges you once at the end of the month. (I think that's actually once for all projects you support, if it's more than one). You can also set a cap on this if you have to.

    2. Yes. It is charged once a month at the beginning of the month. You set a value per post. You may also set a monthly maximum that you are never charged more than. For example, at ten cents a post, you would be paying up to two dollars for twenty posts a month, but if you could only afford a dollar, you could set one dollar as the maximum per month and you would never be charged more than that.

      You may change or withdraw your funding at any time.


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