On Iconic Characters in Dungeons & Dragons: Lolth (Lloth)

Erol Otus, Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits
She is queen of pits filled with demonweb.

She is darkness, night, and terror.

She is Lolth.

She was created by Gary Gygax for the Giants/Underdark series, described in Descent (D1 & D2) and the antagonist of Queen of the Demonweb Pits (Q1) and is a completely original creation.

Much like a spider who's young eat each other, Lolth encouraged her children the drow to slay their rivals, so that only the most strong will be alive to serve her.

Realms Symbol of Lolth
Lolth (Lloth to the dark elves) had not always been evil. Once, she was Araushnee, elvish goddess of destiny, artisans, and the dark elves. She had the love of Corellon, god of the elves. Her lust for power grew and grew and eventually she betrayed him seeking to take his place as lord of the elves. She was eventually confronted and banished to the sixty-sixth level(originally sixty-fifth) of the abyss, her form mutated to that of a bloated spider demon, to prevent her beauty from gaining her sympathy.
Lolth by Russ Nicholson

She is leader of the Dark Seldarine, the drow "pantheon" of gods, though all hate her and would kill her, were she not beyond their power.

She tests her subjects, and those that fail are hideously transformed into driders, terrible half-man, half-spider beasts.

She is fond of appearing as a stunningly beautiful female, but also appears as a spider with a human face between the eyes, or sometimes even a female upper torso with human arms.

She made an appearance in the cartoon show, first appearing as a beautiful elfin female:

Then appearing in her true form later:

She was the subject of two puzzles and had a presence in the Dungeons & Dragons colorforms book.

Collector's Edition Miniature (35$, 30mm)
Statue of Lolth

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  1. Against the Giants and Descent into the Depths was one of my favourite series. Both as a player and a DM. Lolth and her varied minions were some of the best from GG.

    Great series on iconic characters.


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