On a Devil Patron, Dauthaz

Patron Rules

You are considered to have a bond with your fiendish patron as you would with any non-player character. Your bond is on a minion track.

The bond is checked with a roll modified by Observances at the end of every adventure (not session, though the two are often equivalent). Each observance can only affect the roll once.

There are two effects based on your bond level. First, the fiendish patron takes your bond level * 5% of your prestige (experience) that you gain-- because your actions are associated with the fiend, not just solely with you. And each level of the bond gives you a special ability.

Breaking a taboo reduces your bond by 1. If your bond is reduced to below 2, then you are rejected by Dauthaz, and you now have a bond of 2 on the enmity track with Dauthaz.

Dauthaz, Devil Lord of Gallows Humor, Terror, and Necromancy

Dauthaz manifests as three naked female corpses each facing a different direction, fused together at the lower back. From each mouth spouts a giant necrotic finger which it walks around on. Knives, blades and scythes protrude from the abdomen and genitalia of the women. One is a young girl, another is a maiden, and the third is a crone. Their limbs continuously spasm and convulse impotently as if in tremendous pain. Their wounds and sores on their otherwise unmarred flesh ooze ichors and scums. When Dauthaz speaks, the eyes and mouth of one of the women glow brightly and his voice of scraping knives grates against your bones, which ache.

Taboos: Healing must not be given to the wounded.
You must not eat flesh you did not kill.
You must not weep for the dead.
You must not voluntarily consume alcohol or mind altering substances.

Observances: Laughing at a dying creature (+1)
Killing a creature yourself by hand (+1)
Exhuming a dead body (+1)
Humorous manipulation or defacement of the dead (+1)
Causing the dead to dance (+1)
Failing to touch a dead body (-1)
Accidentally consuming alcohol or mind altering substances (including some poisons) (-2)

Bond Levels:

2 +2 to saves versus Death
3 Animate a number of dead as skeletons. You may not have more total hit dice in followers greater than your hit dice, nor a number of followers greater than the number of hirelings you may have. Each skeleton counts as a hireling who's loyalty is equal to 12 (fanatic). Each creature animated in such a way, requires the expenditure of 25 silver pieces per hit die.
4 You may now animate your servants as zombies.
5 You may hypnotize and control the undead.
You make an ego test (a turning roll) against and average (7) target number.
Your level is compared to the hit dice of the undead and this value is applied as a modifier to this roll, i.e. if you are level 4 and you are hypnotizing skeletons, you add (Level 4 - 1 Hit die) three to the roll. You may affect as many undead as are in your visual range, but you must maintain your attempt to control them.
You, of course, hypnotize and control the undead by dancing.
6 Your +2 bonus becomes a +4 bonus on saves versus Death.
7 The undead you create are particularly powerful, gaining +2 to hit and damage and +2 hit points per hit die.
8 The undead you create are particularly tough, gaining an increase of 2 to their physical armor class.
9 You exude an aura of fear. Any living creature that attempts to engage you in combat must save or gain the Shaken condition. If they are already Shaken, They become Frightened.
10 You may summon either 2-8 shadows or 1-4 wraiths once a day to serve you for up to 1 hour.
11 You may fire a ray as a magical attack at will. If it strikes the target, they are effected by Enervation, losing one level for every 4 of yours. 
12 You gain the blessings of Dauthaz. Although still alive, you take on aspects of the dead, and become immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, death effects, critical hits, ability drain, energy drain and ability damage. You no longer need to eat, breath, or sleep, your life force is sustained by the majesty of Dauthaz. You cease aging. You gain a number of bonus hit points equal to your level times 2. Your mental armor class increases by 4.

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  1. So, if you purposefully consume alcohol, you lose one bond, but if you do so accidentally, you lose two?

    1. No. When you break a taboo, your bond is reduced by 1. When you need to make a bond roll (it's like a reaction roll with whomever you are bonding with), you apply the modifiers of the relevant Observances.

      For instance, if you accidentally consume alcohol, you roll 2d6-2 (+Charisma modifier, I believe, plus any other relevant modifiers); if it's higher than your current bond rating, it improves by 1.


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