On the Advantages of Patreon

Yesterday, I talked about my Patreon Campaign. If you meant to go donate, here's a reminder!

I'd like to take a minute today, and talk about some of the reasons why I decided on running a Patreon campaign, and what I like about it.

Why Patreon?

First, it allows me to keep my content freely available.

Looking at my time, it's clear in order to continue spending the time I am spending on the blog, I have to generate revenue somehow. Instead of a capitalistic approach that shuts off the stream of my content so I can charge for it, this way the work stays available. This is a real choice I'm faced with making. Patreon allows you to decide what I should do with my time - continue to produce free content, or focus most of my energy on producing things for sale with only a few blog posts a month? That's the decision that's going to be made over the next 7 days. The ability for a consumer to directly support an artist is a powerful one.

Second, it allows you to decide your level of donation and involvement. I don't know how much money you make. Perhaps you're poor and just scraping by. Perhaps you have a great job and you're really well off. Either way, Patreon allows you to set your level of donation per unit of content created AND stipulate a monthly maximum so that you never spend more than you can afford.

Third, it's simple and direct. It accepts credit cards and paypal, so there's a low barrier of entry and it is completely automated. You don't have to remember or take action of any kind, you just receive rewards and your support is communicated to me in a real, substantial, and quantifiable way.

If you like Hack & Slash, then join with me in helping to create even more content! Go and pick your rewards for supporting me.


We are 14.90$ per blog post away from continuing to get 5 posts a week!

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