On What a Devil Is?

What is a Devil?

He is a fool who believes that someday, he will be rich beyond his wildest dreams.

There are untold trillions of devils, all organized in a hierarchy of tinker toys, each looking up at the ass of the one ahead of him.

He will vote for a law that oppresses him, robs him of his freedom and power, because in his heart, he dreams one day of being the master.

But the immutable numbers do not lie.

There is one lord at the top, far above your station. Too far for your petty reach.

But let us take the intelligent devil. The one who is aware enough to realize the futility of reaching the top. He knows that is out of his reach, but can he not improve his situation?

Christopher Burdett
There is the war, the endless war. The pact primeval says that as long as the war is being fought, souls can be gathered. If he gathers enough souls, and fights well enough, and betrays his master in the following legal ways, then he will take his position and more power will be his!

But that devil is a fool also, just of a different kind. For he is a general in an endless war, and success just means a more powerful master to punish you if you fail. Or worse, if you succeed being demoted to avoid being a threat to the devil above, while you now guard yourself from the treachery of those who serve beneath you.

It is, after all, how you found the position yourself.

There is no vacation, no break, no freedom, from the endless task of war. Death means a slow, painful reforming in the realms below and demotion. Death on the lower planes is no escape, for you simply start at the mindless bottom of the pile to rise again, endlessly suffering.

And when the humans call, to ask for their petty transient needs, every task you work at, every plan you set in motion, moment by moment moves closer to failure. How dare such a base creature that is nothing more than something that will eventually be chewed up and spit out as money demand your time.

Your servitude, your obsequiousness to those of higher station and stature, your servile nature, are simply temporary conditions, an embarrassment you must suffer until one day, you may make other people suffer in turn. You are not exploited. You are simply down on your luck. You are working as hard and as fast as you can to change that.

After all, you have an eternity reach your unreachable goal.

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  1. Really, just absolutely, loved this. Thank you for putting it out there.

    I've added this to my Best Reads of the Week series I've been doing to help draw attention to some of the best stuff I've run across. You're welcome to check it out at the following link:


  2. This was a nice look at the mindset of a devil. Very well written!


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