On the Top 10 Names for the Dungeon Master

Besides Dungeon Master of course.

10) You bastard (or other popular insults)

9) Referee, Moderator, Narrator and other dull system neutral terms

8) Screen Monkey

7) Keeper of Arcane Law

6) Holmeister, for all your Human Occupied Landfill needs

5) Chill master

4) Labyrinth Lord

3) Suzerain

2) Dungeon Boss

1) Agonarch

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  1. Perhaps we could do these as Level Titles? From 1st level Tunnel Twit to 20th level Character Carnifex!

  2. Ever since fighting more 2 attacks per round monsters my players have coined the phrase "Double Strike DM" I've come to love it.

  3. I have lately become fond of the term used in Nobilis: "Hollyhock God".

    In Victorian floriography, the hollyhock represents futile ambitions.

  4. My game calls them the "Host" because the game takes place in a metaverse.


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