On the NPC Reference

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More people have copies of my book, "On the Non-Player Character" either headed to them, or in their hands.

Several people have made handouts or aids to using this book in play. The book is really about designing non-player characters and then having objective methods for handling player actions. There's a neat little system based on the reaction roll with a one page reference in the back of the book.

+Andrew managed to fit nearly every useful rule in the book on a single two page spread! It's so useful, I'm going to print it out and start using it, instead of opening the book to that back page. (He also runs a fantastic blog over at Fictive Fantasies)

You can download the Social Trap Quick Reference from here!


  1. Very nice. My hardcopy of the book is in the mail right now.

  2. I am glad you find it useful! Thanks for sharing it.


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