On the Monsters That Were: Horast

Sometimes things fall down the cracks.

Lets have a look back through the lens of time.

dil-do-dop-dil-do-dop-dil-do-dop ~waves fingers~


The whipper beast.

5+1 hit dice of Armor Class 6 terror. Sure, the claws only do 1-4 damage. The tail?


Not the best part. The best part?

Special Attacks: 20% chance of double stroke with the tail

It's like a lottery where the Dungeon Master wins player corpses!

It is "Somewhat mammalian" and has steel-grey thick stiff fur, that blends very well in your "average stone-made dungeon" but is valueless, because for some reason, it's immune to being skinned. Those crafty DM's.
Dragon Magazine #27 page 41


  1. Now this has promise, all the crap monsters from Dragon and White dwarf that didn't even make it to hardcover.

  2. Well, strap in, because it just became a regular feature.

  3. I remember a long time ago there was a swirly thing like you posted. Only we were to look at it for a bit, then look directly at our hands, and our hands would seem like they were getting bigger and smaller. Optical illusion. Very fun.

    Happy Holidays and boogie boogie.


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