On the Iconic Characters in Dungeons & Dragons: Kelek

Now you shall add to my power!
I only desire the power of teleportation.
The ultimate power over all matter.
You shall give a part of it to me, and soon, it shall all be mine!

Ok, so we all probably agree Uni was annoying, but that still doesn't mean she deserves to be captured by a bald, bearded, wizard who grabs the only unicorn that can't teleport.

He does ride a warg, though.

Kelek was made into an action figure:

His stats were also provided in XL1, Quest for the Heartstone.

Click to get bigger!

Kelek also appeared as the villain in two children's story books. Kuronon of the now defunct Dungeons & Dragons Goodies Collection was kind enough to scan in his personal copies, meaning that I can link both to peruse here in their entirety!

The Treasure of Time

The Forest of Enchantment

I am certain I owned The Treasure of Time as a child, and had not remembered it until looking up Kelek.

Kelek also stared in an interactive adventure on the DVD of the cartoon show.

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  1. Wow. I had one of those books as a kid. That was a long time ago now! Thanks for the nostalgia.

  2. Too cool. I only barely remember those.

  3. Had the action figure. I had Warduke too, because he kicks so much ass... and towered over my GIJoes.

  4. As someone who has recently embarked on illustrating some monsters for an RPG tabletop game (authored by LS at paperspencils.com), I love this stuff. I have so much to learn!

  5. My blog is not defunct... XD
    But yeah... not been very productive the last...few years.. :P

    As well as Dana, who left a comment on my post, I was wondering about the race of Kelek... Dana pointed out the... pointed ears. :D
    Could he be half-elf ?



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